Sanford Health president and chief executive Kelby Krabbenhoft: your opinions are not facts

What an arrogant, entitled asshole you are, Kelby Krabbenhoft.

Fuck you, asshole.

I have to cut him some slack as masks aren’t free and Sanford has to tighten their purse strings, what with all of the child pornography defense money that their benefactor has to now hang on to.

But otherwise, yeah, fuck him.

Wow; that article is filled with possible red flags.

CEO tells minions that he had it, got the best care and is over it, its not so bad that he’s going to put on a mask for show. Oh, and BTW, its open enrollment for your health care, your costs have gone up and we certainly aren’t going to pay you enough to get the medical care I did.

Do I have that right?

You left out the part where he tells everyone his unfounded opinion is “the truth and facts and reality”.

Sanford Health negotiated to buy a hospital system in my area. Not just a hospital, but the whole system.

People who worked for them breathed a big sigh of relief when the talks fell through.

To play devil’s advocate, isn’t he right? AIUI he won’t be contagious for a while, possibly years.

Well the facts keep changing as new discoveries are made, things such as getting it a second time.

So he might believe he has facts that might not be the case in a weeks time.

Also, by making such a public statement he is providing comfort and excuses for those idiots who refuse to wear masks because FREEDOM.

However it is logical for him to do this, the more patients his organisation has, the more business opportunities there will be - is that too cynical?

Maybe? Unless the virus mutates, or he actually had a different disease and tested false-positive for COVID.

In any case, he’s setting an example for his workers who think they’ve had it to stop wearing masks. Lots of people probably think they’ve had it when they’ve really had the flu or a cold.