Santa/Christmas movies

You know those santa movies that are always appearing around christmas? The ones in which nobody believes that santa is real, but then he turns out to be real and YAY!.. well I have a question for you. What exactly is Santa’s job in these movies? I mean, noone believes that he’s real (like in our world) so the gifts are bought by parents, relatives, etc. as opposed to Santa, so it’s not like he’s delivering gifts, or everyone would know. (“My daughter got a my pink pony! I didn’t buy her that!”). So what does santa do in these movies, besides ride around and be fat with a beard.

Here you go…

Right, but see, this is the SDMB, where even the most sturdy suspension of disbelief warrants discussion.

Even as a youngster these plot twists baffled me, so the only explanation I could come up with was that each parent always thought the other got the presents when it was really Santa all along. Doesn’t make much sense, but that’s what the suspension is for.

…or maybe Santa just puts a credit on all the parents’ charge card accounts, so the gift is technically from him. The parents don’t discover this well after the 25th. So his nightly sleigh ride trip is not to every house, but to some key centers of finance where he hacks into some mainframes (say, one on each continent) to pull off some financial wizardry. The elves aren’t toymakers–they’re accountants.