Santa just brought me a bunch of wine!

Several days ago, I was talking to my hubby on the phone about that day’s deal. That lead us to discuss the day’s wine woot deal. All my life I lived in Maryland, and you can’t have wine delivered there. Now I live in WV. You can wine delivered here until the cows come home! (Oh, wait; it’s WV; the cows are already home. . .wait, what? :wink: )

Anyway, my home computer has good ad blockers so I don’t see that ads. But hubby, looking at woot from work, did see the ads, including one for
He told me about a special they were having: 12 assorted bottles of reds (four each of a cabernet sauvignon, a syrrah, and a meritage (a blend). This for $99.00. Free shipping. Now, my husband does not drink wine (he’s more a Scotch or bourbon guy), but he knows I like it. So I looked and said the deal looked very interesting.

He said “Santa might bring it”.

So yesterday he called, to tell me that “Santa” would be here today, and he wanted me to know because they can’t just leave wine; someone over 21 has to be there to sign for it.

So just a little while ago, the UPS guy came (Otherwise known as Santa Claus) and brought my wine!


Unfortunately, my daughter and I are going to a church fundraising Christmas thingie for dinner tonight. So no wine with dinner this evening. But I’m looking forward to trying each one!

So, when will you be revealing the included wines?

Can Santa deliver me some wine too? I know I can get it through UPS here. Address provided upon request. :slight_smile:

Tennessee just this year allowed direct wine shipment, and about half the winerys on Wine Woot! have filled out the proper forms to ship here. Sadly, I haven’t seen too many that have caught my attention that are affordable and can be shipped here.

Speaking of beverages, Santa sent me some Green Mountain Coffee K-cups. Woot! indeed. :slight_smile:

His eyes how they twinkled! His dimples how merry! His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry. His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow.

Of course he’d send wine.

Heh. Don’t tell Santa about, or you might be having Christmas a lot more often.

Ohhhh, I’m feelin’ jolly! :smiley:
I like that website!

Tonight, I am enjoying a 2007 Meritage (a varietal blend) from Marlegan Cellars in California.

Very nice; dry, but full-bodied, rich. The perfect glass of wine for a soak in the tub on a cold, snowy WV night. I poured a glass, then poured in just a tot of Seltzer, because I like my wines to sparkle a little bit.

Very, very nice.

It’s only December 5th, and already Santa’s been good to me!:cool: