Santa let me down (along with AAA)

Maybe I shouldn’t have posted that anti-Christmas post in the pit. I have posted before about my car having trouble starting. I had the battery and the alternator checked and they were fine. Yesterday I was finishing up work late and didn’t leave until about 2 AM. It took 7 minutes for my car to start. I know because I almost gave up and called AAA. Anyway, it’s always been good once it starts so I started off on my 30 minute commute home

I got on the freeway ( I-95) and drove for about 5 minutes when the radio cut out, followed by the ABS and battery lights coming on. Then the headlights and motor went. I managed to pull off to the shoulder, although not nearly as far as I would have liked. I tried to start the car but it was dead. No lights, no sounds, nothing. Just a dead hunk of whatever metal they use nowadays.

I called AAA and told them my situation. They said not to worry, that they would make me a top priority. I reminded them that I was sitting on the side of I-95 in a completely dark car in 24 degree F weather. They sympathized, and told me if I didn’t hear in an hour to call back. I asked if they could drop the car at the shop and me at my home, and they said that they could either drop me and the car at the shop and I could call a cab from there and wait there, or they could take me and the car home and have the car towed on Thursday. I opted for home.

I considered getting out, and rummaging through my trunk for an emergency kit that I know had a flare but it was pitch dark and freezing cold and I couldn’t find my flashlight and I was terrified my cell battery would die since I couldn’t recharge it.

At 2:40 I got a call from the AAA contractor saying that they were 20 miles away and that I therefore wasn’t in their target area. They assured me that they would call AAA and have them send a closer vehicle. I stayed in the car, amusing myself by wondering which of the oncoming cars contained somebody who was tired or had been drinking and would hit my car before they saw me.

At 3:00 I got a call from AAA. They told me that they had sent the wrong company and would send somebody ASAP. However, the person they called had a priority call he was taking and would therefore be at least 45 more minutes.

At about 3:40, the tow truck pulled up. I asked if he could take the car to the shop and me home and he said of course he could and even had an envelope to fill out so I could leave the key in the drop-off. However, he was getting off work so he asked if his boss could take me home and I said yes. By this time it was 4:00 and he said that his boss would be there within 20 minutes and he would stay with me so I could be warm while I was waiting.

At 4:40, his boss showed up and took me the remaining 25 minutes home.

tl:dr I spent over two hours in 24 degree weather in a pitch-black car on I-95 praying that nobody would hit me before the tow truck came.

So to the guys who showed up and saved me and went above and beyond on a freezing Christmas morning, let me say again: Thank You and Merry Christmas! You guys were great!

As for Santa, since he was apparently in the area flying to every home to deliver presents, I don’t understand why he couldn’t just stop and pick me up on the way. I would have given the reindeer treats and Santa cookies. My house has a chimney and he could have dropped me down. But as he did for my entire childhood, Santa let me down. I guess he just doesn’t like jewish kids.

Congratulations. You had a better experience than I did with AAA. Although the weather was pleasant enough. With help from a Mass state trooper, I changed my tire myself two after AAA claimed that route 122 was not on their map. Four hours later I got a call from a garage a few miles away, asking if I still needed help. Utterly useless.

Another big thumbs down for AAA. I fired them years ago after waiting four hours for a truck in the freezing weather. Different person answering every time I called back to ask if they were coming soon. Losing my information. Not knowing where I was. Forget them.

Glad you finally made it home ok, Psychobunny!

Santa doesn’t do roadside assistance. Sorry. :frowning:

It sucks that you had to wait so long.

Interesting, a Facebook friend of mine also had trouble with AAA on Boxing Day. She was at home waiting, and they never showed up. Probably because they were too busy helping people stuck on actual roads, like you.