SAP Keyboard Shortcuts

One of our users has carpal tunnel syndrome, and thus cannot use a mouse. She can navigate through most programs with keyboard shortcuts, but can’t do one very important thing, so I thought I’d see if anyone here might know the answer to this very obscure question.

What’s the keyboard shortcut to select a record in an Overview list?

We’re using SAP R/3 4.6c (SAPGUI).


Can’t answer your question directly, but here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts for SAP that might help:

Thanks xash, that’s a good reference site, but I don’t think it has what I’m looking for.

As an interim solution, I’ve suggested that the user try MouseKeys in Control Panel > Accessibility Options. It lets you use the NumPad keys to move the mouse pointer.

Ultimately though, I’m still looking for the keyboard command if anyone happens to know.



Can’t help you with the shortcut you want, though I would have thought you’d be looking for two - one to bring up the list (try looking for prompt on the shortcut lists), and then probably enter to select.

But - has she tried using a touchpad type mouse like the ones built into some notepad computers. I’ve seen them as a seperate unit, used on a desktop, and one person I know who can’t use an ordinary mouse can manage one of them. A keyboard shortbut is better, but if it isn’t available…

Dancing Fool: That’s what I was thinking. There should be a way to change focus to the overview list, and then use the arrow/enter keys to pick a record.

You can press tab repeatedly until the cursor arrives at the checkbox on the first line of the overview screen. From there, up/down arrow to move, and space to toggle selection on and off.

This works on simple lists, such as those produced by SE16.

ALV lists (such as VA05) don’t allow the line to be selected with the space bar, although you can move up and down the lines, and use whatever keyboard shortcuts are available (look in the menus/hover over the toolbar buttons) to process the line you’re on.

Thanks hammos1, but I tried that. Tab doesn’t work. Neither does Shift-Tab, Ctrl-Tab, or Alt-Tab.