Sarah M. Gellar to play Alice in 'American's McGee's Alice' film

Glad to see this project moving along, I loved that game. The idea of a dark ‘Alice In Wonderland’ could work well on the screen. Worked great on my monitor, IMO.

I liked that game, too. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for this movie.

But I can’t wait for the first parent to bring her toddlers into the movie expecting Lewis Carroll and Tenniel illustrations. Heh.

Near the end, will the movie stop suddenly, then will control pads pop out of the seats, and will the audience then be forced to lead Alice through one long platform jump level? Because if not, it won’t feel like the game…

I always imagined Eliza Dushku playing McGee’s Alice. Go figure.

The game looked nice enough, but it wasn’t that much fun to play. Besides, there’s already a creepy as hell movie by Jan Svankmajer.

Funny you should post this, Revtim; my wife and I just completed the game last week, and we loved it as well! I was actually thinking of posting for suggestions on a follow-up game of the same style (we thought it had a nice combination of puzzle-solving and ass-kicking).

Can’t wait for the movie!

There was supposed to be an “American McGee’s Oz” but it never got off the ground for some reason.

The horror. THE HORROR. :frowning:
Too bad you can’t de-age Christina Ricci.

The game company that was backing it ( I think it was atari) backed out leaving McGee with squadoo. They were trying to find another company last I heard. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

As far as the movie, cautious excitement. I really enjoyed the game. I’d call it one of my all time favorites. The movie could be good if handled right.

Who is something like three years younger than Sarah M. Gellar.

I think Ricci is young enough for the role, and better suited to it than SMG. But I think SMG will probably be OK.

Actually, I think Gellar’s a horrible choice, and got the role largely on the inertia of “Buffy.”

The movie isn’t going to be called American McGee’s Alice is it? 99% of people will have no idea who American McGee is.

Gellar?!? I so thought Dushku was in the running for that!

It’s just going to be called ‘Alice’ according to the article.