Sarah Palin - safe with finger on the Nuclear Trigger?

Sarah Palin supposedly knows a lot about guns.

I don’t know all that much about guns, my only experience being a fun few hours at a California firing range this past summer. However, the guy who instructed me on safe handling of weapons introduced some safety rules along the lines of Jeff Cooper’s Rules of Gun Safety.

Now look here


I know the weapon is not pointed directly at the photographer, but surely she is also in danger of violating RULE II: NEVER LET THE MUZZLE COVER ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DESTROY, or does she hate the press that much?

Is this person to be trusted with her finger on the Really Big Trigger should McCain be incapacitated?

Looks like she was playing a game. Well not really a game but close enough, not real, shooting at a screen that displays targets.

Rule #4 Never trust a Sicilian when dealth is on the line!!

Only slightly less well know is this: Never trust an Alaskan Hockey Mom with NUCULAR Weapons.
I wound’t worry, I highly doubt she gets the chance to even see the oval office after 11/4

No. But not because of any of the reasons you mentioned.

She’s at an engagement skills trainer in that photo, it says so in the description. You can see the cord and the lightbulb in the muzzle, it’s basically a video game.

Wouldn’t pulling off a head shot on the photographer demonstrate her vice presidential qualifications?

The picture is funny and all, but to the larger question: I don’t believe anyone with an IQ less than mine should have their finger near the nuke button (disclaimer: nor do I think that *I *should have my finger near it either, and why the hell do we have one in the first place!?!? We over-evolved apes are so stupid!!). Therefore, in that area (at the very least!), I have been serially disappointed in our presidential and vice presidential choices throughout my life.

You weren’t kidding when you said you didn’t know much about guns.

What she’s holding is a gun frame with a light emitter/sensor in place of the usual scary gun parts. It’s a training tool – images show up on a screen and the system records how well you shot. Similar, less sophisticated systems are available for 50 cents per try in your local movie theater lobby or video arcade.

So, no – she isn’t violating any such rules.

There is no “button” per se. Not like the President can accidentally put his/her coffee down on a big red button and nuke the world. There are well defined nuclear weapons release procedures and it takes something more than pushing a button starting with a guy who follow the president everywhere carrying the “nuclear football” which has the codes in it (IIRC the President does not have sole authority to launch but must get agreement from at least some few others for a nuclear release). Once the President gives the order and appropriate launch codes it is actually a lot of other people controlling the silos or in the submarines or flying the bombers who actually “push” the button.

There goes Tehran, goshdarn it!

I don’t think anyone who is looking forward to the end of the world has any business in government, and everything should be done to prevent these people from having access to anything that could hasten their fantasy.

I recommend Big Buck Hunter

I like to think of it as a red phone with Touch Tone service. Such is the image from my childhood…