Sarah Sanders running for Arkansas Gov 2022

Ah, the ol’ Huckabeast. I was under the impression I would never have to look at or think about her every again. She was a vile, lying bootlick.

I think this run will be a fun experiment to watch: How viable will the 45-coattailers be? It’ll be a good indication of his total repudiation OR if people with his stink smeared all over them can still be a draw.

Disclaimer: I don’t think people need to be commented on about their looks too much in either direction (if they are really pretty or…not) and with that said, I’m not commenting on her looks…but is it terrible of me to just notice that she bears a remarkable resemblance to the Mucinex Monster…?

She certainly has a chance. I think Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and our Lt. Governor Tim Griffin are more viable candidates at this point. I don’t believe she’d make a good governor. I sure as hell couldn’t trust anything she said.

Seen on Twitter but still hilarious.
Suggested campaign slogan: I used to lie TO you, now let me lie FOR you

IMHO whomever runs as a republican will win in Arkansas. I don’t think there could be any doubt.

Who fired a number of Democratic Assistant Attorneys General upon taking office.

Is there a reluctance to vote for a woman in rural Arkansas?

Not enough reluctance to prevent Sanders or Leslie Rutledge from being viable candidates. It doesn’t seem to me that most conservatives these days have serious reservations when voting for a woman just so long as she pushes their agenda. In fact in some ways they seem quite progressive with the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene giving women in office the opportunity to out-crazy the men.

How can a good conservative bible believing Christian woman justify running for office that is an executive position? The bible clearly states a woman is forbidden to have authority over men.

The same way they can believe in a Donald Trump who shares their conservative Christian values.