Sarasota Fl. Midievel Fair March 3, Any Dopers interested?

Yup, it’s time for the Midievel Fair at the Ringling Museum. What a perfect setting for this event! On Sarasota Bay, with the Ringling Mansion ‘Ca D’Zahn’ (sp.) and the Ringling art museum. Beautiful huge Banyan trees, rose gardens, pools and fountains, along with the typical midieval fair regatta! I’m going with the family on Sat. March 3 if any Florida/interseted other dopers want to turn this into a dopefest too! Lots of food and beer!

later, Tom.

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Ooh yeah! This one I should be able to do without a problem (unless, of course, I get that second job I’ve been trying to get and have to work on the 3rd) But I’m right in the area, so sounds like a plan to me…



[sub]stupid Pittsburgh, stupid no car, grrr…[/sub]

I will not can’t make this one, but I will be up for a Largo RenFest in March…

Hotdamn, RenFaire time!!! (My gawd, is it Largo time already???)

Sarasota may be a possibility! Always wanted to go to the fair there. Lemme check my work calendar and I will get back to you.

Definitely interested in the Largo trip - what weekends is it running?

That is supposed to be MARCH 3!!! What can I say!
Thanks Coldie in advance for the edit.

later, Tom.

Okay, I feel better, I can’t make it now.

Hmmm… That could make things a little easier or a little harder. Not sure which yet. Hopefully, I have company coming down the next weekend (which, also happens to be my 27th birthday, happy birthday to me!!!) so trying to get off work, if I have a 2nd job by then, 2 weekends in a row could be tough. BUT, I might not have a 2nd job by then, and then life will be nice and good and happy. Of course, if it was on a Sunday rather than a Saturday, I’m going to take that day off every week anyway, and it would definitely be a go… I guess I’ll just have to check into things and get back to you.

TruePisces, hyper on life

I love medieval festivals.

Working weekends sucks.

Sorry, won’t be able to make it.


Sice I saw the RenFair thread, thought I’d see if there were still any takers for this one. Bike Week wraps up on the 8-10 of March, so I’ll be there on that weekend. Hmmm, another thread should be started for doper/bikerfest!!!

later, Tom.

I just happen to be working at a renaissance faire in southern Forida that weekend. Sorry, I can’t go, but you’re all welcome to come visit me here. I’ll be working at the maze if I’m still where I’ve been the past two weekends.

ssskuggiii, the link did not work - which RenFest are you working?
Not sure if I can make 2 RenFaires/DopeFests in a row: I’ll see if the budget can handle it.

Sorry, definitely can’t afford two ren-fests in a row. Got to put a new transmission in hubby’s truck, so the one in Largo will be a stretch for me now… :frowning: (Don’t care, going anyway!) Sorry you can’t be with us in Largo, hflathead.

Ok, I’m working at the[south] Florida Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters park in Deerfield Beach. The address was supposed to be http//, but if you can’t access it through that site, look at the national directory of renaissance faires. Have fun.

I’m still going. If there is anyone interested in meeting the flathead family, send e-mail and I’ll give you my cell #. Daytona is next weekend.

later, Tom.

This is usually the time of year when, in better financial times, my family packs it all up and heads to Sarasota to lie on the beach and visit our friends who run a Lipizzan Stallion show down there. And one of my best friends, who I stay with when in Sarasota, has packed me up and brought me to two Renfests at Ringling’s.

That means at this time last year, I was lying on the beach at Siesta Key, trying to figure out a costume. I’m not a big Renfester, but the Sarasota one equals VACATION to me.

and I’m stuck in Vermont. Feh. Have fun, ridicule the pickle vendor for me.