SAT and ACT test scores from long ago?

My girls are coming up on college age and are preparing for the SAT. They wanted to know if I took the test and what I scored. Well, as I took both the SAT and the ACT on the same day back in 1973 (before dinosaurs roamed the earth) and have been in a daze ever since, I don’t remember what my scores were or anything else that happened that day.

My question is… can you retrieve your scores from that long ago (have they even transcribed stone carvings onto electronic media yet?) and how would you go about it?

Mine go back to before any dinos roamed the earth kiddo (1953). I still remember mine.

For the SAT, you can retrieve old scores by mailing in a form or calling customer service. There’s a $30.50 fee. I would personally go with calling them, since you might not have all the information requested on the form at hand. (For example, do you remember the precise date of your test in 1973?)

ETA: it appears that the ACT offers a similar service, but again, I would probably want to call their customer service line to make sure that your antediluvian scores are still available.

How to find out your old SAT scores.. By mail or by phone.
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I seem to remember that my SAT and ACT records were included with a high school transcript request a few years back, so you might want to try contacting your high school first.

Remember that you took the test when 1600 was a perfect score, and 2400 is now the perfect score. If you just tell them what you got, they’ll probably think you were dumb. :wink:

I’m not sure if just dropping the writing section points from a current score gives a rough equivalent to the old 1600-point score or not.

Even before they added the writing section, the scores for the SAT were renormed in the mid-1990s. Old scores are not directly comparable to new scores. The College Board has a chart to help you estimate what your old score would be worth today.