SATA Hard drive issue

Hey all. I’ve just built a new PC, but am having a bit of a problem; it doesn’t recognize the SATA HDD I’ve got for it (this is the only HDD).

This seems to be expected, as the mobo came with an “SATA Drivers” floppy. Ok, the thing is, a: I don’t have a floppy in the new PC, and b: how am I supposed to install drivers with no hard drive? Hm?

Anyone who has advice, or wants to tell me I’m a moron is more than welcome.

I’m assuming you are doing a new install so you’ll need either a floppy USB (about $40 or 50) and enable it in BIOS, or the cheaper option is to buy a standard floppy drive and fdd ribbon cable (just for the installation procedures and then you can take it out once everythign runs smoothly). When installing a clean OS the drivers don’t go directly onto the hard drive, they go into memory and then onto the hard drive.

Go to thrift and get floppy drive for a few bucks or borrow one temporarily from an existing machine. Even at retail they’re only around $ 20 these days. Attach it for the drivers then put it aside.

Alternatively use a friends machine to copy the floppy drivers onto a CD and use it that way

Well, I can yank the floppy out of the computer I’m using currently.

So you’re saying that I can install the drivers before the computer detects the hard drive?

So, I’ll have it boot from the disk with the drivers?

Ah yes. The fun of installing an SATA drive for the first time.
If you’re installing Win2K or WinXP, than you need the drivers to be on floppy. CDs don’t work for some reason.

At some point in the install it asks you to hit F6(I think) if you’re installing an SATA drive. After which, it prompts for the drivers floppy.

So anyway, short answer, you need a floppy drive.

Presumably, you are booting from your install CD?

Yep, booting from the install CD

yes. It is f6.
It’s not so bad, but DO NOT LOSE THOSE FLOPPIES!

make back ups and email the drivers to your web mail.

Ok! I’m done, it worked, and the new PC is up and running. Thanks for the help guys.