satellite photos

Is there a way to view a live satelite picture of one’s house?

well…yeah…but I’d have to kill ya if I told ya about it.

Well… if you’re in the US, I’d suggest Microsoft TerraServer. It’s not live, but the pictures are clear and you should be able to find your hometown.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. =\

No. There is no satelite that is always taking a picture of any random spot on the planet. For most places there is periodic coverage, not sure how often they do full detailed images. Places like Google Earth have fairly recent images, but I can tell they are at least 3 years out of date in my area because my old car is sitting in the driveway. :cool:

No, and there’s a simple physical explanation of why this is just plain physically impossible. A satellite is flying in an orbit. With one exception, an orbit around the Earth is always going to be moving relative to the Earth and will always be above different places on the surface of the Earth. The exception is the geosynchronous orbit, which happens to be at the right speed and distance from the Earth that the satellite will be, in effect, hovering above a point on the equator (and no place other than the Equator, please note).

There are only a limited number of geosynchronous satellites (and, furthermore, unless you want to crowd near-Earth space to the point that satellites will crash into each other, there will always be a limited number of geosynchronous satellites). The chances that your house, even if it’s on the equator, will have a satellite hovering above it is extremely tiny. Therefore, the chance that a satellite will be able to look down and see your house directly below it are incredibly tiny.

There’s no reasonable way to make satellites controllable by any random person on Earth so that you can sign onto a website and point the camera on it at your house. Think of how much that would cost. In any case, the view you would see in that case would be at some angle and not an overhead view.