Satellite Radios

Several months ago I heard a news story on NPR concerning satellite radio. This made my ears perk up because Jax FL’s only jazz station was bought out by, ugh, Kiss FM. I would love to get better radio stations [like the Detroit Jazz stations] rather than the crap played on local radios. I like listening to the radio when I drive rather than CDs which I can listen to at home.

Yesterday I saw an ad for Grundig satellit radio however it appears that this radio is just a more sophisticated version of the old short wave radio.

Does anyone know what is the commercial status of car installed satellite radios? Are there lots of American stations broadcasting via satellite? Is this just a pipe dream that I shouldn’t eagerly look forward to in the coming months? Would like to know…

Check out Sirius Satellite Radio

Thank you very much, funneefarmer. do you subscribe? if yes, what’s been your experience? radio manufacturer? I’m listening right now to their jazz sampler. I also like their partner list, NPR, BBC, CNBC etc. Looks like a good value.

Anyone else have more information to contribute? The Sirius website mentions that there are two satellite networks licensed by the FCC. Who is the second?

It doesn’t look like you can get a subscription quite yet b ut it doesn’t look to far away. I don’t know if you got a look at the car manufacturers that were lined up behind Sirius but the others (including GM and Honda) seem to be lined up behind the other company XM Satellite Radio. It seems that both are supplying chips to aftermarket radio makers. It will be interesting to see if they both stay in business or they merge. What will impress me is if you could get an aftermarket radio that has both satellite providers to tune to.