Satellite TV--can you still see the satellite feeds?

For those Dopers with satellite TV–can you get the satellite feeds (i.e., the stuff that gets beamed to the networks to be polished up and packaged as TV programming), or can you just see the finished broadcasts?

I just saw Spin, the video recommended in this thread, and I wanted to know if people could still get satellite feeds, if they wanted, rather than seeing the final ready-for-TV product.

If you have Dish Network or Direct TV (I have Dish) you only see the finished product just the same as cable subscribers do. If you own one of those big dishes, then you can pick up wild feeds, you just need to find them.

Thanks, hey alright.

I’m thinking I should have posted this in GQ, rather than IMHO. Ah, well.

How do you pick up satellite fields? And how easy is it to get “one of those big dishes” these days, since companies like Dish and Direct TV have sprung up? If you have a big dish (rather than subscribing to Dish), do you have to pay some sort of access fee to keep using it, or are you completely satellite-feed capable as long as you leave your big dish up on your roof, or in your lawn, or whatever, to catch the feeds?

Make that, "How do you pick up satellite feeds? :smack: