Saturday Night TV: anything "must watch" for you?

Do you have any non-sports TV on Saturday nights that you consider “appointment TV”?

Do you record any of them for later?

When (and what) was the last such TV program for you?

Anything more recent than Gunsmoke (1955–1975) or Perry Mason (1957–1966)? :wink:

Why can’t I get excited about Saturday night TV? SNL went sour at least ten years ago. :frowning:

My only Saturday must-see at the moment is repeats of Drew Carey’s Improvaganza on Laff TV (7.3 in Chicago).

I try to watch the new episodes of “Pit Bulls and Parolees” on Animal Planet, but I don’t mind if I forget.

I know you were being facetious but I have to mention that the greatest line-up in the history of American network television was CBS’s Saturday night schedule for the 1973-74 season which consisted of All in the Family, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and The Carol Burnett Show. I will agree that it’s been all downhill since then. I think aside from sports, the broadcast networks pretty much write off prime time on Saturday nights.

Saturday night TV is a vast wasteland (Quick-- without looking it up, who first said that?).

SNL hasn’t been good for 40 years.

Thanks for those reminders of how good it used to be (and I confess to enjoying clips from SNL on YouTube but haven’t watched the show as it airs in forever.) I’m hoping somebody else will remind me of something I did watch on a regular basis. My mother and then mother-in-law were big Lawrence Welk fans, so I couldn’t stand to enter the room where the TV was from way back when. What besides blue-hairs keep that show running year after year?

(We didn’t get a TV at our house until after the Sid Caesar days so I missed that one!)

Golden Girls and its spinoffs were great Saturday night TV on NBC in the late 80s/early 90s.

I believe that Diff’rent Strokes, Amen, and Silver Spoons were Saturday night shows too.

And I used to love USA Up All Night. It’s how I spent my weekend nights during junior high and high school.

I usually watch Svengoolie on MeTV on Saturday nights, and live-tweet with lots of other fans on Twitter while it’s on.

No. I rarely watch any TV - unless it’s a movie on DVD or streaming - on Saturdays.

Doc Martin on PBS.

I remember when Saturday night meant All in the Family, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart. But I think SNL has its good weeks now and then.

It’s had its ups and downs. The current political situation in the US has given it a lot of good fodder. I never watch it live, and so I skip the not-so-good parts. But I do record it and usually watch it later.

FCC Chairman Newton Minnow, back in the early '60s. He was, incidentally, the man for whom the boat in*** Gilligan’s Island*** was named.

I enjoy the British detective series on PBS, and the Saturday evening reruns of Jeopardy! But I wouldn’t call them “must see.”

Ditto for any documentary series of TVO (Canadian public broadcasting in Ontario). I watch a lot of documentaries. :slight_smile:

Have you recently watched some of the shows from 40 years ago? (the show is only 41 years old btw)

I’m of the opinion that while the show has changed over the years, so has the tastes of any viewers that were watching it 40 years ago. IOW, it was my teenage brain that thought it was funnier 40 years ago. SNL isn’t really geared towards people in their 50s. That being said there are still funny moments; and I still enjoy the show piecemeal. That’s the best thing about Hulu; watching only the clips of TV shows that interest me. I get a piece of Fallon, Kimmel, SNL, etc.

I still enjoy SNL very much. True, sometimes the skits are real clunkers but I’m usually doing something else while the tv is on so when a commercial comes on or I’m not interested in the musical guest or whatever, I just tune it out until that part is over.

Other than that I usually use Saturday night to watch movies or whatever shows I missed during the week.

I haven’t watched live tv in years; I have no idea what night anything is on. No, I take that back - I stream Game of Thrones in real time on Sunday nights.