Saturday's full moon will be the biggest in 18 years

I’m surprised to not see a thread on this already, so hopefully I’m not just missing it. The moon (and I think most of you know what that is ;)) will be a “perigee moon” tomorrow (Saturday) night, which means it will look huge in the sky. Story. Apparently the best time to look at it will be at sunset. It hasn’t happened since 1993, and won’t happen again until 2029!

I saw the moon about an hour ago. I was driving on the freeway, and it did look pretty huge. Like that horizon effect, except it was way up there.

There’s a spot down the road aways where, once or twice, my timing’s been just right and I’ve been a bit stunned by a perfect moonrise. It’s one of the few areas around that I know of that have a completely unobstructed view of the horizon. I plan to be there tomorrow with a camera.

My daughter turns 18 in a month. I don’t recall the last one, but that might have been because I was 9 months pregnant. Pregnancy causes forgetfulness. :smiley:

I did not know this, but I happened to see the moon, quite high in the sky, earlier tonight (i.e. Friday) and was quite struck by how large and bright it looked, and I guess it was not even quite full yet. I find it quite surprising that it being at perigee would make a noticeable difference to its subjective appearance, but I guess it really does.

Well, I now learn that its angular size is actually 14% larger at perigee than at apogee! :o

I was cycling home last night and the moon was really bright - it cast a distinct shadow on the road.

And for once it’s actually meant to be clear tonight too.

Clear night tonight where I am, and it didn’t look any different to normal. I’m sure it is, but how can you really tell, anyway? Comparison is not easy.

The effect will be strongest when the moon is close to the horizon. It always looks bigger then anyway, and with the perigee that will be emphasised.

It’ll be cloudy where I am, but I looked last night and it was ridiculously bright. I’m hoping to catch a peek this evening.

I’m not sure where 2029 came from as the next time this happens. The perigee on Jan 1, 2018 will be 12 km closer than it will be tonight, and just a few hours short of a full moon. It happens again on Jan 21, 2023, but it’s during a new moon, so there won’t be anything to see. An even closer approach will be during the full moon on Nov. 25, 2034.

The perigee in 2029 doesn’t stand out in any way other than a close approach. There’s got to be some information missing.

If you’re looking at perigee being at the exact same time as the full moon, which it is tonight, that won’t happen again until 11/25/2034.

Here’s a table of dates and times:

With the comments by some of the nutters out there, I sometimes wonder what century we’re living in. Tidal waves, earthquakes, etc. It’s supposed to be somewhat clear this evening, so here’s hoping for a good look.

Interesting, jason. Maybe a shoddy reporter just assumed it was every 18 years? I don’t know, but thanks for the link!

I saw the moon a few hours ago; it was big and beautiful and coming up right at the top of our street. I even got my kids to drop their Ipod Touches and go outside and look.

I can see it now.

Yep, that’s a big moon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just went out and yep, that there’s a real big silver moon. Unfortunately, it’s in the east here which is the most undramatic patch of sky round these parts, with power lines and apartment houses. If it rose over the park it would look like the poster for A Little Night Music except for no leaves on the trees.

Mandatory Youtube video for tonight.

Just got back from Montrose Harbor, where there were a shocking number of people showing up at dusk. Sadly, it was cloudy at the waterline. We got a peek of a very pretty orange moon between the clouds, but it was kinda meh. :frowning:

It looked pretty big from here - though we had to wait for it to make it over the tower blocks, so we didn’t see it anywhere near the horizon.

All right, the sky cleared so I will get to see it! I wasn’t so sure when it was snowing this morning.

I’ll have to wait awhile, I live in a valley so the effective horizon is…pretty high. And it’s not even quite what Mom called dark when I was a kid yet. Another half hour or so and I’ll go out and take a peek.

I walked out of work (yes, I had a 9.5 hour Saturday work day- boooo!) and stopped in my tracks. HUGE! It had just come up.