Saturn Commercial Song?

Does anyone know what the song is that is used in the new Saturn commercial that depicts people “leaving childhood”.

“We’ve Been Had” - Walkmen

I just saw a new (to me) Saturn commercial for a car called the Ion that had this “leaving childhood” theme as well. The song is “Forever Young” (not the same one Rod Stewart sang a few years back). It is by a band called Alphaville from an album called Forever Young from 1984.

I have it on vinyl!:eek:

They had minor hits with this song, and another one from the same album called “Big in Japan”.

I was blown away when I saw that commercial! That was my favorite song when I was 7 … and I have that cassette sitting on top of the tv in my bedroom! “Big in Japan” rules, as well.

Alphaville must be billionaires if they recieve any kind of royalty every time that song is played at a prom, semi-formal, or jr high dance.

Ironically I couldn’t listen to the album right now even if I wanted too…what with one thing and another, the wife and I don’t have a stereo setup that can play records anymore. Its like owning wax cylinders with Thomas Edison reciting “Mary had a little lamb” on them!

Yes, “Big in Japan” does rule. I am always reminded of that song every time I see This is Spinal Tap (it ends with them breaking through in Japan.)