Saturn V Rocket Question

Surfing around the web I found a site that makes the following claim:

(emphasis mine)

Any truth to this?

I sort of doubt it- after all, the astronauts were a whole lot closer than one mile, and they came through just fine.

So it sounds like it’s an exaggeration at the very least.



Sound pressure was and is a big problem when you launch a large rocket.


I once watched a shuttle launce, and even sixteen miles away, the ground trembled. I can’t even begin to imagine what the vibration was like up close.

The Saturn vehicle weighs 3000 tons which is mostly fuel and oxidizer; the empty structure weighs 200 tons. To lift this off the pad the first stage uses five rocket engines for a total 3750 tons thrust burning fuel at the rate of fifteen tons per second. The fuel and oxidizer pumps require 300,000 HP to drive them which is twice the power of the largest ocean liner. The giant engines which drive an ocean liner could not even begin to drive the fuel pumps on the Saturn 5. (Arthur C Clarke - The promise of Space, 1969)