Saudis might allow women to drive

They will probably have to make sure they drive 50 feet behind a car driven by a man

Well, I’m sure they won’t approve of tail-gating. Let’s just hope they don’t have to wear those hijabs which obstruct vision at the same time.

Damn! They must be worried about an uprising!

Wow - welcome to 1910, assholes. Next thing you know, they’ll be letting women walk around in sensible clothing, and play competitive sports.

That’s right - thousands of disaffected youth rioting in the streets, they can handle them, no problem. But if the women get going - watch out!

Man, that’s a mistake. Haven’t they seen the YouTube videos of women drivers?

Haven’t you seen Youtube videos of Arab male drivers? If the Internet is to be believed, all they do over there is drifting cars, and rolling SUVs while attempting to drive on sand dunes. The women can’t be worse than that.

Let’s put it this way. All the women know about driving there is what they learned by being a passenger with the men driving but with NO real experience. It would be like me at 9 years old, taking the cold one from my dad’s hand, and telling him to ride shotgun this time.

Can’t be any worse than Texas, where they’ve begun installing those little black boxes in cars to record the final moments in any accident, just like airliners. In 89.7% of all accidents, the last words uttered were, “Hey, y’all, hold my beer and watch THIS!”