Saudis offer Terrorists a 30 day amnesty period to turn themselves in

Is it just me being cynical or does this have a snowball’s chance in Hell of working? Or are the Saudis just trying to throw something on the table as a CYA polictical gesture?

political :wally

:wally :wally
checking pulse for hint of vital signs
Forgot to include the source.

I’ll take “token gesture” for $500, Alex.

Such terrorists that fail to accept the amnesty offer, and are captured, and are subsequently found to have no powerful connections or money, are in for a very rough time indeed. Such as are found to be connected to the royal family, in a land of some hundred thousand “princes”, will receive a rather stern talking-to.

One pictures Saudi big shots walking about and occassionally glancing skyward.

“What kind of birds are those, and why are they always circling overhead?”