Savage beating

What the hell is wrong with people to do this to another person? Given the racial makeup of this act, why are they not being charge with a hate crime? Imho I hope none of these guys are out for a couple decades.

Is there evidence that they specifically targeted the victim for being white? Simply being a different race from one’s victim doesn’t automatically make it a hate crime. Based on the information in the article it looks like the motive for the attack was robbery, not race.

Based on the information in the article a mob of 18 people continued to beat someone until they were unconscious.

This was theater violence. A hate crime is based on hate, not race.

Fucking thugs should be charged with attempted murder.

Robbery seems a little light but attempted murder a little harsh. Something in assault in addition to the robbery charges?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, but no? If I hate you because you slept with my wife, and assault you for that reason, that’s not a “hate crime.”

Do you know for certain that they won’t be? Maybe the authorities just want to delve into the investigation, perhaps gather additional evidence as to motive before they go adding on additional specifications?

Hate crimes are based on hatred. It’s why they’re referred to as hate crimes.

This went way beyond robbery. this was a viscous attack by a mob for the sake of it. It’s pure hatred for the sake of it.

So, you believe that in the scenario I described in my previous post, I would be charged with a hate crime?

They attacked the white guys with a thick fluid?

nice shoes

No, I believe your scenario was a strawman or you don’t understand hate crime laws.

Here’s the FBI on the topic of hate crimes:

So I suppose if federal law enforcement has reason to believe the attackers were so motivated, they’ll charge them with a hate crime.

Is that really the topic of this thread, or is the topic some version of “black people can be racists too”? Just so I know before spending any more time here.

The potted plant to the head and running over with the bicycle could be attempted murder. Was he wearing a MAGA hat?

This is about a hate crime. 18 guys on one guy isn’t just a robbery.

Based on the information presented so far, I’m not persuaded that this incident meets the FBI’s conditions for investigation as a hate crime. But I’m more than happy to change my mind. Is there something I’m not seeing in the linked article, or us there other information I should consider?

Yes, a mob of 18 beating the crap out of one person in a prolonged attack suggests robbery was not the motive but a byproduct of the attack.

The article states both attacks started out as attempted robberies. This doesn’t square with your assertion that the robberies were byproducts of attacks motivated by bias. In the first video, you see the victim sitting there for a moment undisturbed. Then the incident begins when one of the attackers attempts to grab something from the victim. When the victim fights back, the mob gets involved. This suggests to me that robbery was the motive, then the attackers turned into a mob, not that they attacked the victim based on racial bias.

Both these incidents are horrible and I hope the attackers are punished fully. The attackers are violent criminals. But nothing I’ve seen yet places these attacks clearly within the definition of hate crime used by the FBI.

I don’t see your reasoning here at all. If the purpose was robbery then a mob of 18 people would have accomplished the task in about 5 seconds. This was violence for the sake of violence.

But was it motivated by bias that satisfies the definition of a hate crime? You seem to be sure it was. I don’t see any information that leads me necessarily to that conclusion. I’m asking you what it is about this incident that leads you to the conclusion that this is a hate crime. Violence, even horrible violence committed by a mob, might be motivated by lots of things. Why are you convinced that this incident is a hate crime as defined legally?