Savage? Yes. Barbaric? Probably. A Good Thing? DEFINITELY

Crowd Beats Babysitter After Seeing Hidden Video. Complete with video!

This, in my eyes, is a good start to the treatment of people who beat children. Better keep on running, biatch.

“There’s no justice like mob justice.”

Not a good thing. A media trial instead of a court trial is a bad thing.

I don’t know how I feel about that, honestly. I figure if I saw the woman beating the kids, I trust my own eyes.

In principle, I agree with you, Giraffe. But personally, if I saw someone beating a child, I reckon I’d kick their ass, given the opportunity. If it was my child, they wouldn’t be walking away under their own power.

But is it better than no trial at all?

Seems justified to me.

She feels tough slapping around a six-month-old baby, let’s see how she feels when she’s on the receiving end.

I wish they had shown more of the nanny-cam footage, because while what they did show was obviously horrid, it didn’t look brutal, if you know what I mean.


Also, watch the video on that website- they knocked the lady around some, but they didn’t beat her senseless or anything- she’s shown leaving the scene of the assault under her own power (running away). A good thing? I dont’ know, but I can’t say as I blame those people. Beating on two children too small to get away?

I’ve seen it with my own eyes, she deserved to get smacked around a bit. I agree 100% with you Bella.

Oh, if I caught someone beating my child, I’d kick their friggin’ ass. I think that’s a natural reaction. And, as long as I correctly assessed the situation, I would think justice was served. However, I think it’s dangerous to let individuals in full mama bear mode mete out justice. Mistakes happen.

I’m not sad that the babysitter was hurt in this case. I just don’t agree with the idea that the way justice took place here is a good thing.

This appealed to the sick side of my sense of humore. kuydos to the dad for knowing his kids well enough to see somehting was wrong.

I can’t avoid but dislike what the babysitter did.
I am apalled by the actions of those who took justice into their own hands. That is wrong.

IMO one of the things we sacrifice in the USA is the right to take justice into our own hands. As much as the person might have “deserved” whatever happened to her, it does not make it the right thing to do. Exceptions to due process and the law cannot be handed out to people who are “deserving.” That’s what our government and bill of rights is all about.

steps off of his red, white, and blue soapbox.

My computer won’t let me watch the video, but if that woman beat small children (I mean to say, if the nanny-cam makes that clear), then why the hell shouldn’t she get the same goddamn treatment? Maybe more people would think about their actions if they suspected the same thing would come right back at them. I mean, in her line of reasoning, if it’s okay for her to hit small children, why can’t someone her size hit her back?

Actually, this took place in Brazil. I doubt our Bill of Rights means much to them. After all, it’s not THEIR constitution.

Ah. Thanks Lizard. My bad for not actually reading the article. But I guess I’d say the same thing, assuming the Brazilian government also does not support vigelante justice.

That’s wonderful! Being able to kick a helpless woman in the face and then be applauded by the crowd for this heroic deed…
Sure…that how justice should be administred…I saw it on TV, who cares about a trial seriouysly? Where can I apply to beat the shit out of her? Though reading this thread it seems it would be difficult to choose the appointed lynchers amongst so many volunteers…

Methinks thou dost protest too much.

The babysitter is going to trial with all limbs still attached, brain unharmed. Nobody suggested lynching. It is human nature to want to take a swing at someone who beats a kid - not necessarily good human nature. But, I think it is pretty normal.

I still am not really sure what she did to the child, and I watched the video. What am I missing?

Everybody read the article and watch the video before you get all huffy.

Yet when Batman does it, it’s okay…