Savages - hot UK band, all-female, post-punk sound - thoughts?

I’m on an iPad - so this is a mobile link to a live version of their single Husbands on the program Later with Jools Holland.

I like it - nothing new about the sound, but a great entry for post-punk. And the fact that they are playing instruments and not using any digital support is cool. And, regardless of gender - although them being all-female is kinda cool - the musicianship is good and interesting.

So - how late am I to the game? ETA: sorry, by that I mean that they seem to be getting a lot of buzz lately; heck, Rolling Stone had a piece on them. Are they really getting big?

Wow, lots of Siouxsie and the Banshees in that act, but I’d never confuse the two. That’s a damn good thing. I hadn’t heard of them before, thankya. I’d pay to see them at a club, no question. Their their live shows that I watched sound better than the recordings I found, but It looks like I’m going to buy their new one.

Non-mobile link:

And in a related mater, Later…with Jools Holland is the best live music TV show, ever.

ETA: Wow

Yeah, she has a real Siouxsie Sioux quality to her voice.

I’m surprised this thread hasn’t gotten some of our more musically-current Dopers opining, if only to say that Savages are so yesterday or clearly the product of some corporate plan :wink:


Major article in this week’s New Yorker about the group. First I’d heard of them, but I am not in any way a current-music boffin.

Yeah - actually, THAT is the article I saw, not in Rolling Stone. Easy to confuse the two magazines ;). The fact that the New Yorker was commenting on them is what led to me wondering how big they are in music circles…

It’s always a bit bizarre, to me, to hear about a cool band via The New Yorker or NPR. I love both outlets and respect their take on cultural issues - but I think of them as grown-up stuff…

Same issue has a fantastic article on the lost civilization whose enormous works are hiding under the Honduran jungle and were just conclusively “found” after centuries of legends and exploration. Again not something I’d expect to read first in TNY.

Totally agree - and I really enjoyed that article. Did you notice it was written by Douglas Preston, the fiction thriller writer? I am trying to noodle through how his participation shapes that, too. The fact that it is outsider, non-academic guys scanning and finding the civilizations - the articles portrays the acacdemic acceptance of the data as emerging but energetic - seems a factor, too.

Sorry to hijack my own thread - back to Savages.

Savages in the Honduran jungle, savages in London… same thing. :slight_smile:

I will say the (Londinium) Savages are easy on the eyes as well as on the ears.

Reported :wink:

I am liking them a lot. Kind of reminiscent of Sleater Kinney also.