Saving Web Page to PDF: Will IrfanView Do the Trick?

I need to save web pages (text and graphics) as PDF files, and want good quality reproductions, which will be placed in my portfolio. Recently, I’ve been using Fireshot, which snaps a picture of the page. I then open the Fireshot capture using IrfanView, and save it as a PDF file. Very circuitous. Problem is, Fireshot sometimes renders the text a little wavy here and there. Not good.

Can someone suggest a free program, other than Acrobat Professional ($300). In fact, can IrfanView directly save a web page as PDF, thereby bypassing the need for taking a snapshot?

Your help is appreciated. And, yes, I hope I have used the correct forum.

All you need is PDF creator. Its a free open source program that creates PDFs from any application that can print. Install it and ‘print’ to the virtual PDF printer.

Also, paperless printer is free for non-commercial work:

It prints to more formats than just PDF.

I have had good luck with Cute PDF, free, use it like a printer. However, I have noticed in one oddball case, web pages are not rendered properly (this happens on my Verizon Wireless billing statements). I assume it is a flaw in the web page coding, since it doesn’t come out right on a paper printer either.

That is built-in to Safari on the Mac

I use PDF995. The free version pops up one ad, which you can get rid of for $9,95. They have other PDF tools for editing existing PDF’s.