Savory Sweet Potatoes (and other vegetable recipes)

I love pototates in any form. Baked, fried, mashed and especially in casseroles. I’ve been trying to substitute more sweet potatoes in place of regular because I know they are better for me, but I really don’t much like them.

So far I have been slicing and baking them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and making fries from them, which are pretty good, but I am getting a little tired of them.

Does anyone have any good recipes for sweet potatoes that aren’t the “sweet” variety of recipe (cinnamon, brown sugar, etc.) or, even better, that would help take away the “sweet” flavor?

I have heard of mashing cauliflower in place of potatoes as well, and plan to try that too, so any similar recipes would be appreciated.

As a matter of fact, any good vegetable preparation/recipes that you enjoy (eggplant, squash, etc.) would be great. I pretty much like everything except bell peppers so I would be up to try any vegetable.

I know you are only limited by your imagination but I seem to make the same things over and over again. Help me out?

I peel them, slice them into rounds, and bake them, which you already do, but I do them with a Cajun spice mix on top.

This. Experiment with spices to find different tastes that you like. I have a great garlic/sea salt blend that I love on sweet potatoes

I make a nice pureed sweet potato and leek soup. You can make sweet potato soup and season it with anything you like - herbs, curry powder, etc.

It works surprisingly well in vegetable stir-fries when cut into small cubes.

I really like this West African-inspired peanut, sweet potato, and chicken soup.

Mashed sweet potatoes are good. I bake mine just like a regular potato and eat with butter and chives. Or sometimes sour cream or cream cheese on top.

I, too, am always on the lookout for non-sweetened sweet potato recipes.

One of my favorite sweet potato recipes can be found here.

Here is another. Looks like I post to the Dope about sweet potatoes a lot.

I use them all the time in stir fries and curries. Especially good with chicken mushrooms peppers & whatever else you want to throw in the wok, cook with a little soy and ginger, add some Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce at the end. Serve with rice and enjoy!

Thanks you guys! Trying to eat a little healthier all around and these all sound good. I just made a stir fry a couple of days ago but never would have thought to try sweet potato in it. I will next time for sure.

For those of you who want nice, sweet sweet potatoes without adding stuff to them, check out Red Garnet Yams. They’re like the best sweet potato in the world, with no additives at all. Just bake them until soft, add some butter & salt, and be happy. Intense sweet potato flavor all on their own.

Oh actually something that worked out really well -

Fairly large chunks of broccoli and cauliflower
Half of their size chunks of sweet potato and carrots

Tossed with fresh garlic, sea salt and olive oil and then baked in a single layer on a cookie sheet for about 25 mins at 375.

Watch closely though what you want is the vegetables soft and then starting to crisp. Tasty and good for you :slight_smile:

OK so I am on a low carb diet and potatoes are a no-no. So mashed cauliflower is my answer to mashed potatoes. Try this
Separate a head of cauliflower into individual pieces and cook until just tender. (and I do mean just)
Place pieces in blender with butter, some heavy cream and salt and pepper.
Process until smooth.


Right now, I have yams baking with beets and sweet yellow onions.

Often, I will cut up a couple yams and just boil them in salted water until fork-tender, drain and eat with some Earth Balance and fresh ground pepper. Sometimes I’ll add some chili powder.

Now I’m hungry.

They’re really good in savory soups – use them just the way you would a regular potato. Chicken sausage and/or bacon (that would be an “and” in this house), leeks, swiss chard, and bite-sized sweet potatoes in chicken stock with some parsley and marjoram make an excellent soup.

I do the same thing I do with regular potatoes - chunk 'em up, toss them with some olive oil herbs (Sage, thyme, oregano, parsley, whatever) and roast 'em until they’re cooked.

A nice variation on the sweet side is just a touch of brown sugar, and ginger. I’m not a fan of cinnamon, so I don’t go that route, but everyone seems to like the ginger. It’s just different enough to be interesting.

I like sweet potatoes braised in chicken broth with garlic and ginger- it’s a simple recipe and tastes so incredibly good.

2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into small pieces
One onion, cut so you have thin half-circles of onion
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tbsp oilve oil
1 cup (packed) spinach leaves, torn into pieces
1/2 cup chicken (or veg) broth
1/2 tsp ginger

Cook the onion and garlic in oil until the onions are soft and golden. You can use a frying pan but I used my flat Le Creuset dutch oven because the whole thing goes into the oven afterwards. Stir in the chopped sweet potatoes and add the ginger and pepper. Pour the chicken broth over it all and put it into the oven, covered, at 425F for about 25 minutes. Obviously, if you used a frying pan for the onion part, transfer it all to an oven-safe dish first! Check it after 20 minutes, because the cooking time varies depending how small you chopped the sweet potatoes. When you can stick a fork through the potatoes, stir in the spinach leaves and put it back in the oven for 5 more minutes (still covered).
This is what it looks like when it’s ready to eat.

Havent made this in years, but the few times we did we really liked it.

It was diced up sweet potato. Browned in a pan with butter IIRC. Then mixed with basalmic? vinegar and chopped up fennel and probably some other spices/seasoning. Then baked in the oven for awhile.

We found the recipe for it on a bunch/stalk of fennel we bought at Walmart. If you arent familiar with fennel, it looks like celery with a rather fuzzy/ferny top to it. Taste like licorice.

Recipe sounds a bit odd, but I thought it was pretty damn good.

I found a recipe for a curried sweet potato Shepherd’s pie, that sounded good. I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t have it bookmarked on my iPhone but you could probably google it, I think it was a Better Homes and Garden recipe but I’m not positive.

As it turns out, I myself have been pondering what could be done with sweet potatoes. Years ago, I had a steak that came with sweet potato hash. I don’t know what recipe they were using, but I suspect you can’t go wrong just dicing up a sweet potato and frying up the bits with onions.