Saw the movie " Mean Girls" and...

There was a part in teh advertisement that wasn’t in the movie. I remember seeing on T.V where several girls were crowded around the lunchroom table walking away from some other girl saying “Lesbo…Lesbo…Lesbo” :smiley: I think they were calling some girl a lesbian or something :rolleyes: Anyway when I went to see the movie, I didn’t see that part in it anywhere…What Happened?

The same thing that happened to Katie Holmes’ sex scene in Disturbing Behavior…they cut it for time, most likely. Trailers are made long before the movie’s finished, and lots of times, some scenes are even filmed solely for the purpose of being in a trailer. Unfortunately, when the production company comes along and says “This movie’s five minutes too long…kill something,” they don’t really care if it as in the trailers or not.

Now that that’s over, I saw the movie a couple weeks ago, and I thought it was great fun. Tina Fey is one funny lady, and cute as hell! And it was very comforting to know all the main actresses are over the age of 18.

Sorry, not quite.

Pfft! Still legal anyway…

That said, I want to see this film, but I prefer going to the movies with someone else. Neither of my parents would like Mean Girls, and my friend Bryan is a little wary about going to a film whose target audience seems to be teen girls. I keep telling him, as long as we don’t buy bottled water at the concession stand, no one will bat an eye. :wink: It would be better if they still served coffee though. Or, even better, beer! :smiley:


I’ve noticed this frequently; trailers for movies almost always contain a scene or a line that doesn’t make the movie itself. (And I find trailers kind of irritating anyway, b/c most of them are so detailed and so long now that you’ve practically scene the whole movie and heard all the best lines already. Drives me nuts.)

I also get a kick out of the borrowed soundtracks they use; the score from The Untouchables is borrowed quite frequently for all kinds of movie trailers, and while I can’t think of any other film scores at the moment, I know that I do the whole “dammit, what movie is that really from!” thing frequently when I see trailers.

It’s like if the movie is over ten years old, the soundtrack is fair game for new movie trailers. I’ve always assumed it’s b/c the soundtrack for the movie isn’t done yet but they need something.

Also in the trailers for Mean Girls and not in the movie was that scene where Cady dumped the lunch tray across the table onto the other girl.

Two months off…still, aside from the Jingle Bell Rock bit, there weren’t any horrible thoughts above “Man, she’s really cute!” so I can deal.

Actually, along this whole thing, one of my favorite parts of the movie is the scene where the girls are all getting ready for Halloween and you see the father’s face as his daughter’s posing for pictures in her bunny costume. Overwieght and on the verge of tears…I’m gonna be a wreck if I ever have a daughter.

That’s a scene from Welcome to the Dollhouse. Are you sure it was an ad for Mean Girls that you saw?