Saw V - You Won't Believe How It Ends (box spoiler)

I was awake for the whole thing, and pretty interested throughout, and, i easily believed how it ended.

[spoiler]When i saw the bad agent walk into the room with the ice box and look around for the good agent, i knew the wrong person would get knocked in the box and something bad was going to happen “inside” the room. I didn’t think the walls would close in though.

So the bad agent will continue to play Jigsaw games–is that what i wasn’t supposed to believe? Lame![/spoiler]
The first Saw movie would have been better tagged “You Won’t Believe How It Ends.”

Having seen the original Saw, I can safely say that no ending to any of the sequels would surprise me. The bad guy’s head splits open and a duck with a remote-control and a shiv leaps out, quacking backward and gouging the protagonist’s eyes out? Okay, fine, whatever.

They’ve made four sequels already? Amazing.

…and it was alllllll a dream!

“…Now, let’s find out who you REALLY are!”

No kiss and make up and they lived happily ever after? No wonder I don’t care for horror pics. :slight_smile:

The true sign of a quality movie is the need to specify that you stayed awake.

Vinyl Turnip, late night movies on Friday night can be a struggle for me since i’m tired from the week anyway. I dozed off during 2 of the LotR movies just because of their length. This was less than Saw 1 and 4, but more than 2 and 3.

By the way, spoiler tags don’t work in mouseover previews. Got a couple of lines in there and thought “I bet this is meant to be spoilered. . .”

Reading the tread title, I thought the OP meant, “Saw V…you know, the mini series back in the '80s with the rat eating lizard aliens disguised as humans? You won’t believe how it ends!”


Oh come on, next you’ll be trying to tell me that Freddy Krueger wasn’t really dead at the end of “Nightmare on Elm Street XXVI,” or that Michael Myers was still alive at the end of “Halloween CCIX.”

Hollywood is run by professionals of the highest integrity, and they would NEVER keep a bad guy alive in absurd ways just to keep a profitable series of bad movies going.