Say, what ever happened to the Timothy Hines "War of the Worlds" movie?

An authentic (set in 1900) film adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, from Pendragon Pictures, directed by Timothy Hines, was supposed to be released in June 2005.; It hasn’t opened yet, not where I live. What happened?

According to the imdb page, it was released on DVD on June 14. Then according to one of the reviewers on its page,

So I don’t know why the plans changed, but that appears to be what happened. I might have to put it in my netflix queue now, it sounds interesting.

If you’re considering buying this, I suggest reading all of the reviews of this movie on Amazon. A lot of them seem to be shills, on a scale not seen since the fantasy works of Robert Stanek…

There was a lot of debate going on about this film on the forums at,, and At first, there was a clear division between those who believed that Timothy Hines was going to do a wonderful job, living up to his comments that Anthony Piana was the next DeNiro and that the special effects would be better than the Matrix, and those who believed…otherwise. After the DVD came out ($9 from your local Wal-Mart!), most people shifted to one side.

I’ve been reading the IMDb user comments on this movie…and they’re hilarious. Apparently, this is a bad, bad movie. I’ve rarely seen this level of hatred, sheer naked loathing directed to a piece of film making. But the reviews are fun reading. :smiley:

Forgot to mention that, according to Timbo, Spielberg & Paramount fielded a vast conspiracy to keep him down. From funding a different indie production, to leaning on theater owners to prevent Timbo from getting a theater release, to leaning on DVD distributors to screw up his DVD release.

Ahuh. :rolleyes: :dubious:


I bought &, by the hardest, watched it. My review is at this forum somewhere.

So the DVD distributors stretched it to three long drawn-out hours with stretches of no action whatsoever, they flattened the acting, and made the Martians look like doe-eyed hopping (NOT SLITHERING, NOT WALKING- HOPPING!!!) Octopi?

It’s probably on the $10 rack at your local big-box store. Enjoy! :smiley:

Sounds like this should be the MST3K reunion movie.

I, too, spent $10 on this movie. There’s probably a pretty good two-hour movie hiding in there, if you spent another $15 million to get the CGI up to snuff. However, the Martians, the tripods, and most of all the Thunder Child scene were major disappointments. Sigh.

Just looking down the cast:

Actor - Role - Previous Film Experience

Anthony Piana - The Writer - None
Jack Clay - Ogilvy - None
James Lathrop - The Artilleryman - None
Darlene Sellers - Mrs. Elphinstone - a handful of B movies, biggest would be “the Winter of Her,” in which she played a role known simply as “the New Girlfriend”
John Kaufmann - The Curate - None
Jamie Lynn Sease - Miss Elphinstone - None
Susan Goforth - One unknown movie called “Beat Angel” in which she plays “Sweater Girl”
Bernard Bauman - Henderson - None

Yeah, not looking so good.