Say what you want

I was reading

And I was thinking about something. Why do we never just say what we want, when it comes to relationships? I mean, is it that we don’t know? We think we’ll be too needy? What’s the deal?

Okay, so I’m thinking, this is the place, this is the time- step right up. What is it you want? You never know. The person may be right out on the other side of the monitor!

My post, I get to start.

I’m looking for a woman who is well-read, who likes, or at least understands, shakespeare. Someone who can carry on an intellectual conversation, and who I can say unabashedly in front of, “I’m a gamer.” If you want to talk physical, I’m partial to pale skin, but it’s not something I’d boot someone for not having. I like a nice voice, too.

There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now what are other people looking for?

I want a man who is sensitive, secure in himself, and talks about his feelings. I like a man who likes animals and is good to his mother.

A beautiful smile and a cute round bottom wouldn’t hurt either!

Captain Blunty pretty much described my perfect man…and I’ve got him. I’ve been in a relationship with him for over 25 years. For those who are still looking, good luck. There’s someone out there for you…you just haven’t found them yet.

Alright I’ll bite.

I want a woman that can hold her own with me when I drink.

I want a woman who doesn’t want to move in with me when the relationship gets serious.

I want a woman who wont ask me what the fuck I’m thinking when I’m in the middle of whatching tv. (or on a side note to that a woman who doesn’t fall apart becuase she thinks “we don’t talk anymore”)

I want a woman who doesn’t get pissy when I say “I’m going out with the boys tonight” And then want to know all the details when I get back.

I want a woman who can hold a job.

Big tits and a nice ass are always a plus.

Just had to boast here that my wife is a Library / Information Science major, games, is pretty, and has a great voice. Doesn’t care for Shakespeare, though.

Magog, can I just respond with ‘I hate you’? :slight_smile:

I want a woman who reads; who is smart but humble. One who is talkative (since I’m not), and bubbly. I want a woman who says ‘fuck’ without giving it a second thought.