Say, why isn't The Daily Show doing anything on Libya this week?

Can’t get enough of Wisconsin labor politics, but nothing about this huge dramatic ongoing revolution. :confused:

They talked about it a little bit last night with Anderson Cooper. But really, I think it comes down to not a lot of time outside of interviews and pre-taped segments, already having people actually in Wisconsin reporting, the Wisconsin thing being more “relevant” to Americans, and not a lot of humor in the Libyan revolution.

Plus, it’s going to be really, really awkward if they tape a funny episode about it and air it several hours later, after the massacre starts.

Yeah, they already got bit with Aasif Mandvi doing the gags about them being on vacation during the culmination of things in Egypt and while other correspondents were getting kissed by the crowds he was in a hotel room masturbating.

Then the Lara Logan thing the next morning.

And they got that guy arrested in Iran when their protests start.

So I’m ok thinking they haven’t found the funny in it yet.

I think it’s a combination of this, and that there isn’t much humor in the Libyan situation yet. It’s hard to find the funny where people are getting shot for just stepping outside their house.

Libyan’s situation is too fluid & unpredictable for comedy.
Also too bloody.

Nonsense! It’s easy!


SOLDIER 2: Hey, why’d you do that?! He could’ve gone home, it’s still 15 minutes to curfew!

SOLDIER 1: Nah, I know where he lived, he’d never make it.

(This one dates back to the Shah.)

Am I a bad person for laughing at that? I feel like a bad person.

So do I, sometimes . . . but I never know where to find one at that time of night. [ba-da-BUM] Thank you, I’ll be here all week, tip the veal, try your waitress!

The could do a segment on Qaddafi’s pronouncements. I just heard that, according to his last one, every one of the protesters is on drugs.

For last night at least, Wisconsin coverage had some really easy stuff and probably led into the interview with Rumsfeld significantly better. Keep in mind the interview time was extended last night.

It was not a pronouncement, it was a promise. Just might work, too. Dude’s stash is world-famous!

Dude’s got a world-famous stash and wouldn’t (til now) share? No wonder the Libyan people are pissed. This will go down in history as the “Don’t Bogart That Joint Riots.”

You think?

Gadhafi blames violence on young people, drugs, al Qaeda

This is pure gold!

From the deepest end of exuberant dictator vault of ignorance. And in the ME, they get to be quite deep.

By the way, it would be interesting to have a game where people come up with quotes of ME dictators blaming “certain elements”. I’m sure they already have PR people working on it, too.

For example, Saudi King might say: I blame national polo team and my stupid 20 brothers, specifically 11th to 22nd.

On a second thought, this is also something that Black Adder might say. At least he has Baldrick to observe that those 20 are one and the same :smiley:

They finally addressed the Libyan revolution last night. It was their focus for the whole first segment of the show (about 7 minutes) and included a lot of jokes about the weird things Ghadafi looks like.