Say you meet a famous person...

Completely and totally random hypothetical scenario:

Say you’ve got this friend. You’re not best buddies, but say you work together, maybe sometimes go out for a beer after work, etc. Said friend one day invites you to a party he’s having (Say, New Years or something. Not a BigHugeDeal). You say you’ll be there. When you arrive, you discover that one of your friends’ other buddies is someone famous. Not ‘has some name recognition’, but Really Freakin’ Famous: Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, cover-of-People-magazine-famous.

Do you:
A: Acknowledge that, since they’re very famous, they’re used to being recognized, and it would be stupid to act like you have no clue who they are, or
B: Ignore the fact that they are famous, as you’ve never personally met them before, and go through the whole introduction thing as if you don’t know who they are?


Begin by saying their name “Hi Bill” to acknowledge you know who they are, and then say who you are.

Can I have a free copy of… no wait, I’ve already got one off a mate.

You act like you know who they are, but also don’t lose your cool about it.

Something like “Bill Gates, it’s nice to meet you- I have heard so much about you.”

Unless it’s someone like say, a Charlize Theron, or Jessica Alba famous, in which case - “C” - Propose marriage.

D - lose capacity for coherent speech.

Nod, say hi, express pleasantries, maybe appreciation for their talents if you are a fan, and then treat them just like any other guest. If you hate The Evil Empire, your friend’s party is not the time to take it up with Bill.

BTW, Charlize Theron is very personable and open. Nice lady.

Don’t gush, unless, you know… it’s like, the guy who cured cancer and discovered the real meaning of life. Otherwise, introduce yourself and say something nice to acknowledge that you know them. Offer to buy them a drink or even to join your group if appropriate.

Sounds like you’ve met her.

I hate you. No, I mean it. I really do.

How about Relatively Famous, Cover Of Guitar Player Famous?

I went to the house of a girl I was sort of dating, and her good friend Adrian Belew happened to have just dropped by.

I chose option A.

Be truthful guys… you’d all do a chandler.

FP: Hi I’m famous person

You: Freem wopmalb.

You act as though you meet famous people all the time and it’s no biggie. Just offer your hand and say, Hi, I’m Doper X. If it’s a movie star or something say, “I’ve enjoyed your work.”

Never ask for an autograph–how vulgar!

Not at all- met some very famous people when I was security for a major Hollywood studio. No problem.

I guess the most famous people I’ve met are Stan Lee, Max Weinberg, and Jonathan Richman (not at the same place or the same time). With all of them, I shook their hands and told them how much I have enjoyed their work, and I grabbed the latter two for pictures with myself and the friends I was with.

How vulgar!

Hang out at Comic-Con and you’ll meet all sorts of people. Some, like Sarah Michelle Gellar, have their security people whisk them away as soon as their appearance is concluded. Others, like Kevin Smith, Joss Whedon, Charlize Theron, etc. actually get out and meet people. They sign autographs, field stupid questions, and generally have a good time with us plebes/geeks/fanboys. Kevin Smith, especially. I would love to spend an evening drinking with him. Caustically witty and fast.

PS. This is a blatant plug for Charlize’s new movie Aeon Flux. Very true to the anime…with only slight modifications to the costume. :smiley:


Always try to steal a personal possession instead. :smiley:

She’s playing Aeon Flux? Well, I might have to reconsdier not seeing it…
mmmm…Chharlize Theron…

Me: Mr. Heffner, this is a great party!

I’ve met a few famous theatre people, and my reaction was always along the lines of “You’re so good. Thanks for the enjoyment.” What, I’m suppose to meet David Hyde Pearce, Tim Curry and Hank Azaria and act like I don’t know who they are?

The only exception was Wayne Brady, but I’ve got such a thing for him.

Or some used gum.