Saying hi...again

I’ve been very rare poster and longtime reader.

You guys are nuts, and I’d like to hang out more often as I am also insane.

I understand kitty pictures are expected. This is The Buster.


Hi, Bunny - welcome back!

I’m like you - I lurk, and throw in the occasional comment. I delurked for a string of years once. This is a good place to come back to. There’s wit and giggles and snarkiness everywhere, along with some good solid information if you dig just under the surface.

PS: I like the cat pic - his markings reminds me of a tom we had years ago. But the caption is right - that cat isn’t right!!!

Nice guns, Buster!

I’m not nuts. I can’t speak for everyone else here, though.

Of course, Cat Whisperer would talk to the cat and not the poster… :slight_smile:

I totally meant nuts as a compliment! Sane people are boring.

Hi newsbunny! I don’t usually go in for pet pictures, but your kitty made me smile.:slight_smile:

Or pictures of yourself, if you want to add one to our picture gallery!

Welcome aboard.

Is it just me or does your cat have abnormally long front legs?

His arms are dislocatted! Quick, call the vet and he’ll catnip this in the bud before it gets any worse.


Welcome back, newsbunny!

purr meow mrrt? prrt!

Oh, sorry, I was distracted by the cat.