Saying I'm Fucked Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It

The week started off bad with someone stealing my cat, and things have only gone straight to hell from there.

The worst thing is that I’m a suspect in a theft and I’ve lost the job working for the guy restoring the Tucker. One of the things that I was doing for the guy restoring the Tucker was liquidating the parts inventory of an old parts store for him. While I was doing this, one of the customers noticed that there was a door in the building which was locked and wondered what was behind it. At the time we didn’t have all the keys to the facility, and I was under the impression that we had permission to sell everything in the place. So, I let the guy pop the door open, we looked in, noticed that the place was an office, glanced around, didn’t see anything other than paperwork and shut the door back. Later on, other people looked in there, and I didn’t think too much about it.

Now, however, it turns out that that area was supposed to be off-limits (I have no memory of being told this, however), and the gentleman who owned the place (who had merely hired my boss to liquidate the inventory) went in on Wednesday, discovered that someone had been in there, and that personal items of significant value were missing. So I spent this morning telling the police everything I knew and getting reamed in orifices I didn’t know I had. I’ve talked to the guy who opened the office, I’ve talked to the one guy I suspect would have taken it, and, of course, no one knows anything. There have been lots of people in the place in the past couple of months, and I haven’t been able to keep an eye on them 100% of the time, so there could literally be a hundred or more people who might have had access to the place and did it. I’ve no clue as to what to do, other than talk to a lawyer and try to come up with the money to replace the stuff.

Wait. You “popped” a locked door in a building you don’t own without checking with the owner first? WTF were you thinking?

Obviously, I wasn’t thinking, but at the time, I believed that this was okay, after all, I had been told by my boss several times and most emphatically that everything was for sale. I even asked the owner of the building the one time I met him, if there wasn’t anything for sale, and he mentioned a display, some racks, and an engine, but never said anything about the office.

Someone stole your cat?

Can you get anyone to vouch for your character? How much money do you think you would have to raise to replace the articles that went missing?

Can you get anyone to vouch for your character? How much money do you think you would have to raise to replace the articles that went missing?

I will be seriously worried for Tuckerfan if he does not continue to report to this thread regularly until the matter is resolved.

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear it! I am hoping that it will work out, once they realize that you aren’t that kind of a guy.

And I’m damn sorry to hear about your cat.

It would probably be better for him not to report regularly, since anything he says becomes discoverable and fodder for the prosecution in any criminal case and plaintiff for any civil case.

Ah…the SDMB is always good for adding new phrases to the lexicon.


Huh. Have you (or your attorney) confronted the owner about this?

One would imagine that the likely reply is going to be “Well Jesus Christ you numbnuts, the place was freakin’ LOCKED and I PURPOSELY didn’t give them a key. The question is, when they noticed that it was an office, why the hell didn’t they immediately call to have it locked back up?”

God help him if there had been anything of value to sell in the office- they’d probably have him dead to rights for trafficking in stolen goods.

And I second what Ogre said- be very, very careful what you say here. You’re already admitting to allowing someone to pop the door- if they don’t find someone to pin the blame on, it’s likely going to fall on you. Minimize the damage as much as possible.

Oh, and I’m also sorry about your cat. Are you sure it didn’t just run off? Or perhaps was involved in the office theft in some way?

This sucks.
But like Otto suggested, maybe you shouldn’t say any more about it til all is said and done.

What who said?


Heh heh. Cat burglar. Heh heh heh.

The cat? Sorry, Tuckerfan, that sucks.

For what it’s worth , sorry to hear about situation. Judging by your user name you really enjoyed your work. I hope you can get a decent lawyer that can keep you out of jail. The cat thing , that shit is just wrong . Hopefully all will come right in the end.

Until you admitted you popped the door, they didn’t have anything on you. I feel for ya. Sounds like you may have some trouble, but it doesn’t sound like an open-and-shut case to me. They have to prove you did it. I don’t see any proof from your description here.

Good luck, and hope you find that kitty.

I agree the less said the better for now. I’m curious about what items are missing?

Good luck with the whole thing. And forget the cat, people. He lost a job restoring a freaking Tucker! Man, that sucks.

See this, this’s why you’re the king. As for the purloined pussy, I’m beginning to think maybe Otto had something to do with it? He probably did it while he was sleeping. :eek:
Listen, Tuck, don’t let this get to you, especially when it comes to paying any restitution. Won’t that make you look guilty if you do?

Also, I’m sorry about your cat. Is this the feral one some dumbass said you oughtta scare off with a faceful of rotten egg? If so, I’m doubly sorry.

Sorry about the grammer – trying to chew gum and type at the same time.

Whatever for?! He brought us Frasier. shudder