SBMB'ers!!!! Read here and help save a human life!

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I thought about bringing this to the board for the simple reason that it is, in my opinion, a just cause. To keep it simple, the lady has a disease that will eventually kill her. She requires surgery and has Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance, into which her husband has been dumping about $400 a month.

Now that she is sick, and the operation to save her life will cost over a million, BC&S is refusing to pay for it.

I, among others, think it sucks and she is fighting it so gobs of us are signing the petition included.

Her husband, who put up the site, says that he has noted that BC&S has checked in on it quite a few times so far.

So, I’ve brought it here.

If you would, read it, sign it … or not … and post any discussion of the SDMB you’d like concerning the growing tendencies of health insurance companies to deny medical treatments.

I humbly leave it in your hands, and in the mods, in case they decide to lock off the thread.

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Darn link! Try this one!

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I’m sorry to have to close this, Spyder, because it does sound like a worthwhile cause. It falls outside our guidelines about soliciting, however. There are many worthy causes–and even more enterprising sales folks–but we don’t want the boards and our posters swamped with solicitations.

If you ever have any doubts about whether or not something is within guidelines please feel free to email any of the mods or admins. We’d be happy to look it over.

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