Scammer (allegedly) forges court order to collect bills.

Here is a pretty confusing news article about the story. It’s about a fraud so laughably bad it makes makes your average Nigerian prince scam look real.

To summarize: Blanchi Stone (convicted in 2006 of operating a bogus campaign fundraising operation) ran a debt collection agency and apparently paid very little attention to the laws governing such actions. So little in fact, that when she brought some of her debtors into the court of Judge Vince Murphy, he threw out 155 claims she had filed, and referred her to the state bar association for falsely identifying herself as attorneys. These claims were all related to bills from Anesthesia Associates of Naples, possibly her only client, and when all the claims were thrown out, Anesthesia Associates canceled their contract and didn’t pay her the agreed upon recovery percentage for the bill – which of course were not paid.

So she allegedly cooked up a scheme to convince Anesthesia Associates to pay her what they felt was due. She – allegedly – forged a document (see pages 2 and 3 of this pdf file), with the form of a letter purporting to be a court order, using the name of a real local judge as the author.

  1. It orders Anesthesia Associates to pay her bills immediately.

  2. It orders Judge Murphy to retract his previous tossing out of the 155 collection suits. It also orders him to rescind his referral to the state bar association.

  3. It orders the Naples Daily News to print a retraction of earlier stories that “slandered and libeled” Stone, and give her approval of the language they use for the retraction.

  4. It claims that Senators Barbara Boxer, Bill Nelson and Harry Reid, several US Representatives, and FBI Director Robert Mueller, “not to mention Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama” have either written to to court regarding the case, or provided “SEALED” documents related to the case. Oh yeah, and Justice Ruth Ginsberg has issued sealed orders about the case too.

Surprisingly, the people at Anesthesia Associates were suspicious. They sent along the documents to the bar association, which then forwarded them to the county sheriff’s office for a criminal investigation.

Judge Murphy seems to have been trying to get some action against her and her husband/partner by the bar association since at least June of last year, since they have been continually filing improper lawsuits and engaging in improper practices despite numerous orders from him. Here is an earlier story about the cases brought before the judge.