Scariest animal?

In its own environment, what is the scariest animal? I’m thinking sharks are pretty bad, because to encounter them, you’d need to be in the water. Bears don’t seem as bad compared sharks, since you still get to be on land. You could still get eaten, but at least you don’t have to worry about drowning.

However, if it’s true that sharks aren’t naturally man-eaters (there just as afraid of us as we are of them!), then there has to be some other animal that is scarier. Are there any animals that I don’t know of that would actively look for a fight? I’ve heard wolverines are particularly nasty, but I have no experience, and I don’t know if they would actually try to pick a fight with me. I saw a komono dragon on a show (Jackass), and it looked like it was pretty mean. I think there was something about having all kinds of nasty stuff on their teeth that would cause infection.

Any nominees?

I’ve been in the water with sharks, and on the land with bears. If either one comes after you I’d say you are pretty much out of luck.

The sharks made me more nervous though. The bear encounters I have had, I was at least armed, and made sure to give myself an ‘out’.

What I would not like to face is a cougar or mountain lion. They do attack and eat people here in Colorado.

Well, I don’t know if it’s THE scariest, but I can tell you that I don’t need no stinkin’ badgers!

:smiley: You got that right kal.

BTW Komodo dragons have millions of bacteria in their saliva, comes from eating rotten carcasses. Now, the way they get rotten is the real bitch. They bite a poor unsuspecting cow that then runs off. It is slowly followed around the island by the dragon. In a couple of days the cow drops from blood poisoning - a particularly nasty way to go as the dragon comes up and starts eating…

Judging by my girlie-man-like reaction last night, I’d say the frickin’ giant moth that attacked me in my backyard is the scariest animal.

An angry hippo can be pretty frightening, I hear.

I’d have to go with the polar bear. You’ll hear about people running with wolves or having tigers in their apartments every once in a while, but no one plays with polar bears. Because the polar bear wants to eat you.

I dunno, wolverines and honey badgers and such aren’t big animals, but they sure are mean ones. I mean, most bears really don’t give a crap about you as long as you don’t mess with them - they’re not naturally mean or anything.

The she-bitch that I dated briefly back in 1998.

Multiply the critters degree-of-scariness by the total time being actively scared of said critter, then I submit that, over a lifetime, the Wasp is by far the scariest creature on earth.

The Green Mamba. Not only is it possibly the world’s deadliest snake, it’s also extremely agressive and blindingly fast. Scary combination, that.

[sub]No? Not even a little? OK, I’ll go.[/sub]

Crocodiles and/or alligators scare the bejeebus out of me. I think it is those reptilian eyes and ALL THOSE TEETH. What a nasty way to go - chomped down on by a gator and pulled down under the water.

I gotta second Fox Paws and go with a hippo, which, from what I understand, is one of relatively few wild animals that is truly aggressive and violent.

And its natural environment is the river, which is not somewhere that humans are hugely mobile. Plus it can be almost entirely hidden (ie, underwater) until the last moment.
The only thing worse is that little worm from Star Trek 2 that goes in through your ear.

Well, MaxTheVool is getting warmer…

The scariest animal, bar none – land air or water – is the feared and fearsome urinophilic candiru (Vandellia cirrhosa).


A militant feminist on her period.

A bot fly larva. Like Alien in miniature.

What Ticker said. I have to watch out for those pesky wasps all the time (especially bad this summer), but I can’t even remember the last time I ran into a polar bear or komodo dragon.

Ah, I think you mean the ***Kimono * ** Dragon. Yes, very scary indeed when you encounter one of these highly infectious monsters in a Tokyo brothel!

Giraffe, that was cool. :wink:

For the OP: Humans, subspieces: Bill Collector. Do they count? Nasty, vicious, unpredictable, diabolical…and they have so many natural habitats that you pretty much can’t escape from one that is hunting you.

I thought giraffes were unable to vocalize.

Ahh, but they can do this!