Scariest movie you've ever seen?

I’m a lightweight. I don’t even watch many horror movies and growing up, I saw none. I remember a friend of mine who, when we were in middle school, had an extensive conversation with me where he ranked all the Halloween movies. I was blown away that his parents had let him see them(on tape, I assume).

Anyway, what movie you have seen did you find the scariest? I’ll go first.


Yeah, I have a thread about that right now. Holy crap, did this movie have whatever it takes to absolutely freak me out. I won’t spoil details here, but much more than any supernatural stuff, it’s the horror of loss, death, and trauma that shook me. I was shaken by that movie. I both recommend it and warn everyone about it. It’s great…and a horrible experience. Weird.

What movies did you find the scariest?

I have never, ever been as scared as I was as a small child watching the flying-monkeys scene in The Wizard of Oz. Nothing even comes close.

Definitely the version of “Gaslight” starring Ingrid Bergman.

The German-language version of “Funny Games” was a close second.

I’m not into gore, but a psychological thriller? Much scarier!

p.s. A few years ago, I started a thread like this on another website around Halloween time. The most unusual entry I got was “All The President’s Men”, which is more relevant than ever nowadays.

The Blair Witch Project. I was able to suspend my disbelief enough to imagine it as if it had been real found footage.

You mean it wasn’t? :eek:

I don’t like horror movies at all unless Abbott and Costello are in them so the scariest movie I have ever seen is Wait Until Dark where Alan Arkin gives the greatest performance ever as a psychopath.

Scooby doo scares me.
My kids really love horror flicks. Not me, I don’t let them discuss them around me. Funny I can read Stephen King (daylight only), but I cannot watch it. My imaginings are never as bad as the movies.

Hm. I watch a lot of horror movies, but at a certain point you grow desensitized; at this point I honestly can’t remember a movie scaring me, though one must have at some point. The last time I recall truly being terrified at something on a screen was when I was a very little kid and my older brothers forced me to watch Thriller.

Recently Hereditary left me feeling pretty unsettled, if that counts.

I’ll offer up a couple, but with the qualification that they scared me when I originally saw them in a theater. At the time, I had very little idea of exactly what sorts of films they were. I went in blind, so to speak.

The Thing (1982) and An American Werewolf in London (1981).

They seem pretty quaint now, and I watch them frequently with great enjoyment, but they were scary as hell at the time if you saw them late at night in a basically empty theater.

I’m not a fan of “horror” films generally but I think “alien” counts and when I first saw it aged 12 or 13 it was something of a paradigm shift for me in terror and suspense. Nothing came close before and nothing has provoked the same reaction since.

I think the last one that really got to me was “The Ring”. Quite an oldy now, but then I was new to Asian Horror, and it was really disturbing the first time around. Don’t know if it Counts as Horror per se, but the first Christmas Special of “Black Mirror” had a really, really terrifying ending that made my wife and me sit and stare at the screen for a full silent Minute.

I remember alternately jumping around and slumping in my seat while watching Suspiria. It scared me so much that I went back to see it again a couple of days later with everyone I could drum up. Mind you a lot of my movie experiences in the 70s were chemically enhance.

I was only thinking about the movie yesterday due to all the stuff about Asia Argento in the media. Suspiria is the only one her father’s movies I have seen.

Dinosarus. I was eight at the time.

Since then, I can’t think of any moved that scared me. A few startled me, but that only pisses me off.

Yep. Saw that when I was about 19 with my roommate. I knew NOTHING about the film. Roomy and I where to freaked out to go back to our apartment, so ended up chilling out in a nice BRIGHTLY lit McD’s for a bit afterword.

Also Schindlers List. Met a friend at the theater, we both drove alone.

Now imagine an hour drive home at night on lonely roads in a rag top jeep in the winter. Home is isolated, and I lived alone. I was just basically very weirded out.

The Exorcist, back in the day.

More recently:
30 Days of Night

I don’t like real horror movies much. Nowadays, if I watch them, I’ll only watch in the daytime, and stop and start it if it gets too unpleasant.

One that I did find scary (I was quite young) was called “The Innocents”. It had Deborah Kerr as a governess in this creepy haunted house and the kids were ghosts or devils or something. It really creeped me out.

The original, “Dawn of the Dead” (1978), gave me nightmares for three days. It was great. I was pretty jaded about horror films back then.

Movie that most scared me consistently throughout the film? Halloween, the original. It was the movie that all slasher flicks descended from, so none of the tropes were the cliches they later became. I felt wrung out afterward, and very impressed.

Movie with the biggest single scare? Carrie, the original. The last scene. Again, not a cliche at the time.

I’ll go with Poltergeist. Fuck that clown noise, man!

This. I don’t typically get “scared” watching horror movies because they are so cookie cutter predictable.
I also like Paranormal Activity for the same reasons I liked BW. When the bad guy is an “Unseen force”, those are the ones that creep me out.
Come to think of it, “The Entity” (1982), which also features an unseen force, scared the HELL out of me when I was a kid.

I take it back, “The Entity” is the most scared I’ve ever been watching a movie.