Scary Bedroom Experiment

well, actually…

now that i think about it, i believe i’m a seven.

the change of heart was because OH GOD IT’S GOT ME FJFJHJDFJDdfhvbcv./bx//?///fb bv…


I used to live in a ground-floor apartment. One night I fell asleep on the couch, with the living room curtains wide open. About 2 or 3 am, I awoke very suddenly, and with an intensely strong conviction that someone had been at the window, watching me sleep.

I was so sure of it! I even grabbed a bat and went outside to check. I didn’t even feel silly, I was just so damned sure. There was no one there. . . but when I went back inside, I closed up the curtains and struggled to relax and fall back asleep for a very long time. After that, I dreaded nighttime in that ground-floor place.

Anyone ever have an experience like that?

Thanks folks…I get spooked enough living by myself. (Toby Dog doesn’t count because he doesn’t attack axe-wielding lunatics from outer space, he greets them.)

Sigh. Should have known better.

I remember a movie or a book that talked about how the oogies couldn’t get you in your bed at night if you covered your whole body up, including your head. I still take its advice. The mess under my bed? Justified because it makes it harder for the oogies to hide there. And if I turn out the light, hop in bed and notice light seeping from around the edges of the door of the walk-in closet, I must turn on some other light first before going to that side of the room to turn it off.

Oogies are aliens when I get scared in my bed in the dark or ghosts when I suddenly feel I’m not alone in the shower, particularly when I have soap on my face and can’t quickly open my eyes. I don’t know why ghosts would be hanging out in my shower. Maybe they’re just pervs. Strangely enough, oogies are only human when I come home from work at 1 a.m. and hope nobody’s lurking in the kitchen, my poor snuffed Toby Dog lying at his feet.


Why oh why did I open this thread at 1:30 in the morning?

I’m just fine in the dark until I think about it. Mustn’t think about it.

[sub]wait… what’s that noise? Cats, I have cats, they’re always creeping slowly down the hall like that when they’re stalking each other. What else could be walking down that long, dark hallway behind me?
Okay, that was not the best thing to think about right now…[/sub]

Damn it, now I’ve got all my damn lights on

eh 1 not much scares me.

how 'bout this one. your in a city you dont know very well. you have been shown where a bad neighborhood is, and its not far from where your staying. your in the house alone for now. you’re ready to fall into a slumber when you hear the unmistakable pop…popopop of firearms.its maybe 6-10 blocks away. you hear the sirens,followed by the police chopper. what do you do next? it happened to me the first week i was in CA last year. it was a friday and my sis went to pebble beach with her boyfriend. she asked me to let her dog out for her. i decided just to weekend at her place instead of commuting. what did i do? went fast asleep. how? i thought to myself: “what are the chances of that gunman happening on this house while running from the cops”…

About a 3. It must be because I’m not afraid of the dark (in fact I require complete darkness to sleep, no lights on outside or down the hall that might shine in) because it can’t be just the “knowing it’s in my head.” Why? Because…um…have you ever been in the shower and noticed that it’s really quiet in the rest of the house? Like there’s no one else there? And then wondered what it’d be like if after you got out there wasn’t anyone in the house, or anywhere else? As if the world could have ended and you alone were protected by the magical bathtub. Or read too many supposedly true ghost stories late at night and work yourself up so much that you’re afraid to look in the mirror or leave the room? Because in those situations I’m at least a 6 or 7. :slight_smile:

And what makes everyone think that all ghosts are bad? :wink:

Put me down as a 2 if there is no good reason to think someone is around and a 9 if there is (or due to other complusive behavior of mine). But since I have major problems falling asleep anyway, this is only in addition to the probability of my opening my eyes in general, which is a very high one. :frowning:

I don’t know why but it does significantly lower my number. Although a thick comforter lowers it much more then a thin sheet. Gary Larson had it right though, get a snorkle.

On a related note my Grandmother is a 10. On saturday night she was up late (4am) reading murder mysteries when the wind blew hard and shook her door. She got up and tried to lock the door and the wind kept shaking the door. Now she was so certain it was a murderer she lept up wedged her chair against the door and deperately tried to hold the door shut. Tried calling 911 but her phone battery was dead and finally began banging incredibly loud on the door which caused me to leap out of bed completely awake and rush to the scene, hero that I was, and managed to break into her room. She was really shaking and even though we live on the 14th floor was dead certain he was still in the apartment. It got to me too, I now shut and locked the patio door and wasn’t able to get back to sleep.

9 possibly 10

Also firmly believe that the sheet over my head trick works :rolleyes:

Ever heard of a reading lamp, saepiroth? :slight_smile:

Anyways, I normally would rate a 5 on this, but thanks to reading this post at 3Am, I am now a quivering, fetal-position off-the-chart. Somewhere between wake my roomate and call my Mommy. And I am still looking over my shoulder!

Welcome to the boards, Nortia. New around here myself, but nobody welcomed me sniff

Welcome to the boards Nortia…Welcome!

Now, whilst reading the other posts I’ve thought of a situation where I’m definately a 10+…I don’t think it has anything to do with Psycho, but I’m deathly afraid of being in the shower when the door’s not locked. I get more crap for locking the door when showering than I probably do for everything else combined. My SO just doesn’t understand. There’s something about being weaponless and naked that make me feel just a bit anxious. I mean really…if Michael Myers from Halloween stopped by when I’ve got shampoo in my eyes, I don’t have a chance in hell. Damn, I run kinda funny as it is…I don’t need to be doing it naked.

If I’m laying in bed, I’m not going to bother myself with picturing that strange person at all – I’m busy with much more important things, like the (hopefully not too strange) person with me.
If I’m lying in bed, though, maybe a .001.
Not trying to be obnoxious, Osirus. I just am.

  • Sue

Geez, I thought this thread was entitled "Scary Bedroom “Equipment” until I read it for like the 10th time and correctly saw “Experiment.” But onto the question at hand…

Well, I don’t believe in monsters and believe (probably foolishly) in the safety of my house from rapists, robbers and other humans up to no good.

Although I do firmly believe in both aliens and ghosts, both of which could very easily gain entry to my bedroom because, as someone correctly pointed out, neither of such entities need keys.

However, I know my house is not haunted (I checked), and even though I do believe in aliens, I equate being abducted by one as probable as say, winning the $1 million+ lottery. Sure it could happen, but most likely it ain’t gonna.

Soooo, given all the above, I’m probably around a 2.

In situations like the above, I’m a 1. No problems at all. It’s a simple thing, really; as long as I have my back to something, nothing can scare me. Nothing.

If I’m out in the woods in the dark, it’s something else. Sometimes get it downtown, too; I wouldn’t really call it being scared as much as being on edge. I stop relying on my eyes so much and start listening very intently. I can tell what’s moving around me, where, how far away, how fast, and how big it is. Dosn’t work very well in the city, but out in the forest, it’s quite the skill to have. Either way, my whole body just kind of gets ready. To fight, or run, or whatever. I’m edgy.

eh. i actually bought the pole to whack people with. when my lamp burned out, i improvised.

After reading your post I realised that it didn’t say scary bedroom equipment:)

I would say 1. I don’t really get that comfortable unless there is no light in the room I am sleeping in. Likewise imagining someone looking at me just makes me sleepier.

Well, that settles it. The late night panty raid at Sterra’s house will be a cinch. We can just sneak in, stare for a while, raid the dresser, and run like hell.

Who’s with me?

Dude…I’m in like Flynn. I’m 32 years old…and the only panty raid I’ve ever been on was on TV.

I’ve been with lotsa panties…the raids just sorta ended by the time I got there. La Vida Loca!!! lol

Welcome to the boards, meyer!