Scary Bedroom Experiment

Thanks, Thill, you are now my personal hero!

Incidentally, after I read this thread last night, I discovered that my roommate had left the front door unlocked, forgotten about it, and gone to bed. I had to look around my house, under all the couches and everything, to see if there was anyone in the house (am I the only person who has ever done this?). Even then, I was creeped out all night. Sweet dreams!

Nope, I do that when ever I’m home alone. I remember my friend Cary would never lock the doors so when I spent the night I’d go around checking everywhere for ax-wielding maniacs.

I’m about a 1, but used to be a shaky, sleep-with-one-eye-open 10 as a little Redukterkin. I guess it’s because I have über-regular sleeping habits now, and my body automatically shuts down at a predetermined time, so I’m usually not awake to feel fear.

I’m definetly a one. Heck, maybe even a zero. When I’m ready to go to bed, usually around two or three AM, I turn off all the lights and walk, in total darkness, to my bedroom, strip, and go to bed with no lights on at all. Axe murderers, space aliens, and ghosts hold no terrors for me. I admit, I can’t sleep with a limb hanging over the edge of the bed, but only because whenever I do, I inevitably wake have a “falling” dream and wake up with a jerk.* There’s only one night terror I regularly get: there is a large window over my bed, and when the wind is really high it shakes and rattles something fierce. I have, on ocassion, become so scared that the window is about to shatter and rain me with broken, jagged glass that I had to get up and sleep on the couch.

*[sub]But enough about my dating habits[/sub]

me, too, so here’s a hearty WELCOME, meyer. and to any other newbies who are feeling a little left out, HOWDY!!
as to the OP, i’m about an 8 or a 9 because i actually did awaken out of a sound sleep one night to find a stranger staring into my bedroom window at me. i was about 10 years old, and had a moment of absolute terror where i couldn’t scream or anything. when i did finally scream, he ran away and my parents thought i had just had a nightmare. but the next morning my mother called the police, because there were footprints outside my bedroom window. so, i am VERY paranoid about having someone staring at me while i’m sleeping. mr. zoot is out of town right now, so i have zootdog in bed with me every night. he keeps me safe. unless the creepy decides to come when there is a thunder storm, because zootdog hides in the closet when it thunder-booms. so at least i know the monsters in the closet won’t bother me.:slight_smile:

This is me, too, in the sense that I have to have a clear shower curtain (even frosted clear is too cloudy). I know I can’t stop the person but if I can’t see out I imagine the worst.

My brother and I independently formed the idea for ourselves that a sheet will in fact prevent stabbing. From that man we both imagined (independently) would carry a ladder through the neaighborhood and climb through our window.

Another me too. Back in 94 we missed paying our electric bill and they cut off our electricity for a few days. Oh man I had to take showers naked and in the dark. In my opinion one of the scariest things you can do where there’s no reason to be scared.

Draw the curtains before retiring - that takes care of faces at the window.

Eat curry before retiring - if you suspect an intruder, break wind. :eek:
If nothing happens you’re imagining it.
However if you hear choking noises (did I mention the curry should be a really strong one?), then leap out of bed and run away (farting as you go to discourage pursuit).

I’d say an 8 for me.

When I was younger, we watched some Friday the 13th movie where Jason stabbed some guy up through his bed (Jason was under the bed). That kind of thing scares me.

Maybe an 8 or 9 for me. I start out thinking that everything is okay, but as the time passes, I need to check just to make sure.

I like how a bedsheet can deflect a knife, but not a shower curtain. :slight_smile:

When would you ever need to deflect a shower curtain?

I’m a goddam 11. You HAVE to look, just to know, just to make sure.

One morning, while saying in Montreat College, in NC, I woke up, yawned, stretched…then looked up to see this guy sitting by my bed on the floor. I about had a heart attack. He had come to say goodbye to me before he left…it was sweet but the knowledge that someone had watched me sleep was very, very frightening.

Oh man, the shower. Must get my two cents in here, too.

The shower is the worst. Head back, eyes closed, shampooing away…and suddenly, I hear the door open. I cock my head…try to listen over the pounding water and the radio…squint through the frosted glass…and see nothing.

Always, nothing.

But I hear the door open, I swear. And sometimes, I hallucinate things in the corners, on the ceiling. -shudder-
I’m a little messed up, I am.

I’ve never been welcomed either which is why I’m not in the habit of doing it, not that I’m bitter or anything. Anyway I kind of look at it like this: “My first posts were so great and interesting that no one could look away to see that my post count was under 100.” Feel better?

oh, yikes, you made me laugh so hard i snorted!!!

i can just see it-- me and zootdog in bed, i think i hear a noise, pull covers up over my head, break wind really loud, hear choking/acking/barfing noise, jump up, (did i mention i sleep in the nude?), run outside breaking wind all the while, run to the garage, hide, wait, wait, wait, nobody coming out of house, grab tire iron from garage, sneak back into house, letting out little warning toots all the way, jump naked and farting into bedroom, only to find poor zootdog, eyes bugged out and watering, tongue purple and swollen, dead on the bed, suffocated in a miasma of curry farts.

heeheehee, i’m all teary eyed just from laughing.

The pleasure is all mine. :smiley:

It is doubly pleasing to have amused someone who uses words like miasma!

And I am giggling uncontrollably about your 'little warning toots '. :eek:

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awwww, shucks! thanks!!!

You think that’s bad? I laughed so hard [sub]I farted[/sub] :o


I got the biggest kick out of the “jump naked and farting into [the] bedroom” bit. :smiley: