Scary Pan.

Unfortunately, I have no dog…

I have a cat, who claims to like fish, but when I offered her a (fresh) piece of this one she looked at me like I was mildly retarded. It turns out miss princess only likes salmon. (this was bass)

This will go down in history as the semenal post to this thread.

My guess is that acid + base (+base) would foam.

Sure, just wrap it some newspaper and seal the flap with some peanut butter. When I get it, I’ll give it a good overnight soaking in my broccoli water, and then slap some stamps on it and mail it to the next person.

Nothin’ says lovin’ like a chain letter from the oven.

You should put it inside the Cooler of Death and let them fight it out to the finish.

You’ve got to get a dog. That’s all there is to it. You can have him installed under the kitchen counter. They’re environmentally friendly, effecient, and some breeds aren’t very noisy. Mine came with a special “tail-swishing action” that sweeps the floor if you offer her a biscuit.

Flamethrower?; no, seriously, have you tried to incinerate the thing?