Scary Pan.

Last week I caught a big fish and cooked it up in a frying pan. Some fish skin stuck to the pan, so I put some water in it and left it to soak in the sink.

Well, I kind of put off washing The Pan. Now the water in it is cloudy and smells like feet.
The foot smell is beginning to spread throughout the kitchen.

I am afraid of The Pan, and do not want to touch it.

Any suggestions on what I should do? What is possibly living/evolving in The Pan? What might happen if I leave it longer? Your own stories of smelly cookware?

*yes, I’ll wash it soon. I’m just bored and am in need of wacky opinions.

Nuke it from orbit. That’s the only way to be sure.

I’ve made a sourdough starter by leaving water and flour in a bowl for several days. Has it started bubbling? Perhaps you can make an artisan style bread. That smells of feet. Cover it with feet-scented cheese and no-one will ever know!

Captain Hook already knows why.


Anyway, get some Ayax (not the ancient one) or some Comet.

I’m going to shove this on over to our forum for wackiness.

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You could save it to make gravy… :eek:

I was just thinking, instead of sending hardened criminals to jail, make them drink the contents of The Pan. I bet they’d never commit another crime (if they lived afterwards…)

Scary Pan.


Usually, I just fill such a scary dish with water and leave it for an hour or so. Then I put the scary dish in the sink and run hot water over it for a few minutes.

However, I have been faced with dishes so scary that I threw them out. I figure it’s okay; I’m still in college.

In an episode of Cowboy Bebop, some leftover seafood or something was sealed in an unused fridge and forgotten… until it mutated and escaped. You really ought to do something about The Pan before it gets to that state.

Don’t turn this thread into a pantomime.

Even a surgical strike will result in collateral damage to the owner of the pan, and any pets or husbands who are in the targetted area. Pandemonium will ensue.

I’ve consulted my panel of experts on this matter. There is apparently no panacea for this problem, but our strong recommendation is to transport the pan via the panhandle to Panama in a pantechnicon, escorted by a division of Panzers.

That episode was beautiful… sigh

Boil a mixture of diluted Pepsi, baking soda and a few drops of ammonia in it.

Note: I have no idea if that’ll do anything about the smell, or if it’s even dangerous to mix these ingredients. I’m just curious as to what’ll happen. Report back after you try it, ok?

Collateral damage is inevitable in a conflict like this; suck it up and stop being such a pussy. In any case, it may be necessary to destroy the husbands and pets in order to protect them.

Whatever you do, keep The Scary Pan away from The Cooler of Death.

Who knows what would happen if the two things got together and mated.

Wait a minute… You pan-fried something and now it stinks? Oh suuuuuure it was ‘fish skin’. Yeah.

Just don’t let Tastes of Chocolate’s dad near it. I’m told that in years gone by, said paternal unit would throw any and all leftovers in the house into soup on Sunday. This led to a phenomenon whereby people eating leftovers would make their selection based on what they would least like to see end up in soup. I’d hate to see feet-stink fish skin end up in the soup. You’d best attack it before it attracts his attention.

See, your first mistake was putting water in it. The correct thing to do is put the pan on the floor and call for the dog. Dogs are incredibly determined dish cleaners. They are nature’s Brillo pad. If there’s an atom of food left, the dog will find it and work until they manage to consume it.

Afterwards, should the mood take you, you put water in it and wash it. :smiley:

You know, you could try combining it with GargoyleWB’s Broccoli Water and see if you get an interesting reaction. I feel confident encouraging you to try this only because I live far away.

I could mail it to you…?