Scary/Physically Intimidating Serial Killers?

I figure that most serial killers look fairly normal, like “regular folks”.
Can anybody think of ones that actually look scary and intimidating?

Charles Manson - but not due to size.

Ed Kemper was 6’9" and well over 300 lbs. That picture is misleading, since he’s closer to the camera than the deputy, but he’s still a giant.

A lot of them are scary looking because you know who they are when you look at the photo (I’m thinking of Manson and Ramirez).

My take is that most of them are more scuzzy looking than normal.

Yes, Charlie is definitely creepy-looking, but you are right about “not due to size”.
I am wondering if he actually killed anyone himself, though, or just directed others to do so.

Wow! He would definitely fall under the “physically intimidating” category.
Thanks for showing me the pic.

There was some serial killer some years ago who looked like Chucky. (Don’t recall his name, and don’t feel like lookin’ fer it.)

Kenneth Allen McDuff, from central Texas, who’s killing spree after being paroled early led to serious changes in the Texas Penal code, was 6’4" 250 lbs, all muscle. His physical strength and bullish nature made him an intimidating figure. He got out of control coming out of court during one of his trials, and despite being handcuffed and held by several large bailiffs, it was a frightening incident.

IIRC, I read a book written by an FBI agent who managed to get locked in an interrogation room with him.
The guard left his post for a substantial period of time, and Kemper noted he could probably kill the agent (true, and the agent admits it in the book) without anyone stopping him (probable) and not wind up serving any additional time for it (also true, he was never getting out).
The FBI agent spent 30 minutes bluffing back and forth with Kemper that the FBI provided non-gun tools to their agents to use in such situations.
I’m not sure if Kemper bought it, or was just screwing with his FBI friend…
I’ll try to dig up the book tonight so I can post the title.

Manson was a lot scarier in his prime than he is today. Kinda just looks like a sad old man now.

This incident was also used in the show Criminal Minds. The episode was called “Damaged.”

Nice. I assume Gideon got to be the aging FBI agent in question?

While probably not actually physically intimidating, I think Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker) DID look a bit spooky.

I don’t know what to say about Ottis Toole.

Yeah, a lot of them looked fairly normal normal, or even unusually pudgy and wimpy, like David Berkowitz (Son of Sam). And Charles Ng didn’t look like anybody threatening.

John Wayne Gacy in clown regalia.

“The Iceman” is pretty scary looking:

Gacy was pretty scary-looking without his clown regalia.

Well, he doesn’t look like a fuzzy bunny but more in a cranky middle aged boss/dad way. Like the way Kevin Arnold’s dad on Wonder Years scared me. But with the clown make up on, he just looks EVIL!

I can’t really consider The Iceman to be a serial killer as most people understand that term. He was a Mafia hitman. He killed people because it was his job.

David Edward Maust, a serial rapist and murderer of young boys, was definitely scary looking.

I also always thought that Dennis Rader was scary as hell. Whenever I’d read reports of people who knew him who thought he was just a nice normal guy, I’d think, “really? Looking like that?”

Also - Keith Jesperson. 6’6", 240 lbs, and looked like a total psycho. Also signed all of his notes with a happy face.

“You’re a psychopath!”

“No, psychopaths kill for no reason. I kill for money… That didn’t come out right”

-Grosse Pointe Blank

Can’t think of any other serial killers, but if you want to expand to sex offenders, Brian Peppersis pretty damned creepy looking.