scary pre-1970's movies

Other than Rosemary’s Baby what horror movies from before the 1970’s would still be considered scary today, or at least really disturbing?

I was going to suggest Nosferatu,but that’s not so much “scary” as “eerie”.


Night of the Living Dead

The Haunting

The Birds.

The Innocents
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
The Haunting
Any of the Vincent Price movies (Wax Museum and movies based on Poe stories)
Look up movies starring Christopher Lee and/or Peter Cushing

The Other

Burn Witch Burn

Can’t believe I forgot that and The Birds

That was 1972. :wink:

Repulsion, one of Polanski’s early films. 100% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, with 60 reviews. Catherine Deneuve plays an unstable, evidently traumatized young woman slowly becoming unglued. It’s scary more in the creepy psychological sense, punctuated with a couple of “HOLY *#$@!!!” moments.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the original from 1956)
Phantom of the Opera (Lon Chaney, 1925)
Freaks (1932)
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

Would this one be considered scary?
Phase 4 (i’ll never watch again)

When was Helter Skelter on? (nor will I watch this one again)

I guess those are both from the 70’s.:smack::smack:

Un Chien Andalou

Onibaba (1964)
Les Diaboliques (1955)
Night of the Demon (1957)
Curse of the Fly (1965)
Island of Lost Souls (1932)
Circus of Horrors (1960)
Mad Love (1935)
Five Million Years to Earth (1967)
Mask of Fu Manchu (1932)
Spider Baby (1967)
The Unknown (1927)
Horrors of Malformed Men (1969)

Wizard of Oz

Hey, those flying monkeys put me right off the whole movie!

How about Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn (1967)?

When this movie came out, I really really wanted to see it. However, it was rated “X” (in England) because it was so scary. So, a ten year-old kid couldn’t get into see it.

I’ve been a little busy since then and never gotten around to watching it. But some day…

That is a great movie. Alan Arkin & Audrey are both at their best.

I’d call that a thriller rather than horror, but if it counts, then what about Night of the Hunter or Cape Fear (the original, not the animated remake)?

Some really great ones on this list, especially the first one, but am surprised nobody’s mentioned The Black Cat (1934) yet, what with Karloff & Lugosi, torture and devil worship, and a phenomenal amount of creepy fucked-upitedness that the years have not shaken one bit.