Scene with James Caan in 'Eraser' (1996) [unboxed spoiler]

I saw this movie only once, when it first came out, so this is all from that memory:

There’s a scene in which we find out that Caan isn’t a good guy. He’s just capped someone, and then, it looks almost as though he’s trying to give the person mouth-to-mouth resusiciation. What was that scene about?
(And, given the years, I could be making this all up.)

Scene here (go to 3:00 mark). In short, we discover Caan’s a bad guy because another bad guy suggests he his before Caan kills him. Then, he uses dead bad guy’s gun to kill good woman (an important witness), who he then pretends to be trying to resuscitate when Arnold and company come in.

Thank you. It’s really been bothering me a long time.:dubious: