Schadenfreude - take THAT, you slow-ass driver!!

I’ve seen the sonuvabitch truckers do the same thing here as well. Somebody’s pissed them off and they decide to make everyone pay, regardless of the fact the offending individual is miles and miles down the road and that they’re making themselves late as well.

Take a breath, count to ten, move along.

God! We have a subspecies here, the “Oh hell no, you ain’t getting in front of me” driver. They’ll be farting along at 30MPH but the instant you swing out in the passing lane, they start driving like Speed Racer. Once you get ahead of em (or wind up stuck behind em again), they slow back down. These people also make merging a bitch, since it offends their honor if you get in front of them.

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Another way to do the ™ mark is to just use your number pad (for some reason it doesn’t work on the keyboard) and type in 0153 while holding down the ALT key. Like this™.

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Holy crap! It’s been aeons since I’ve use that stuff. Thanks for reminding me about that John.

or should I say æons

Even easier is to download a piece of freewase, Allchars. It was written by a Dutchman who got tired of having to remember codes or use Charmap to put in diacriticals. It’s a TSR and when it’s been evoked, you simply press and release the ctrl key, then peck a two key combination for the special character. The combinations are pretty logical (=,e for € for example or ",a for ä) but if you forget (I can never remember what brings up §), h,h brings up the chart of combinations. You can even set the combinations yourself if you’re fussy.



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Rent thee some Monty Python™ (whoohoo!). I couldna tell you which particular Flying Circus it’s on off the top of my head, but I’m sure a more qualified fan will come along shortly. Or someone who ain’t so lazy.

Aww. All the responsibility of being Manwe Sulimo’s personal herald, and he still has time for a poor confused Oyarsa. Even so, despite having watched loads of Python and listened to the odd LP over the years, I’m still whooshed. Still, at least I now know roughly what’s going on here… :smiley:

You don’t always make it home alive!??

Man, I’d be pissed too! :smiley:

How to spot a tree from quite a long distance away.

Number One: The Larch.