people who drive _really_ slow

Every once in a while I’ll be driving along in, say a 50 MPH zone, and come up on somebody who’s driving at maybe 30 MPH with a huge queue of cars that have built up behind them.

I could understand this in some situations - i.e, people looking for an address, or they’re lost, or maybe in bad weather, or they’re towing a boat, or it’s a Geo Metro and only goes 30 MPH, or whatever. But today, for instance, I saw it on a road in the middle of the country with no places to turn for miles. It was a single lane intercity road, limit 50 MPH, mostly ambient traffic flow at about 60-65 MPH. Then there’s this Saturn going about 30 MPH. Nobody in front of him for as far as I can see. About a dozen cars all pissed off and tailgating each other behind him, that can’t pass due to traffic going the other way.

Now, don’t get me wrong - although I usually drive somewhat over the limit, I don’t get aggressive towards these folks or tailgate them or anything, and I’m even working on not getting too annoyed. But I’m still puzzled because this seems almost common. What’s the deal here? Why would somebody, in perfectly fine weather in the middle of the day, in a new-ish car in apparent good condition, drive 20 MPH under the 50 MPH limit? For mile after mile? On an inter-city road with wide shoulders and good visibility? And are they unaware of the angst they are producing beind them?

I hate fuckers who do this in the fast lane. If you are driving the limit or less, STAY THE HELL OVER TO THE RIGHT! (Left for you Euro-Ropers).

Passing on the right is DANGEROUS and I do NOT like doing it, but assholes like YOU make me do it!!

As you can tell, this is a very important issue to me… :slight_smile:

Yer pal,

Eh, I do that sometimes. Drive slowly, that is. However, it isn’t by choice, it’s due to the hysterical parent sitting next to me and screaming, “SLOW DOWN! SLOW DOWN! For the love of God, Alanna, would you SLOW DOWN?!?!” Anything over 25 MPH will bring that on, and if I hit 30, or even, God forbid, 40, my mother will grip onto anything within reach and announce in a terrified voice that she would like to drive.

I don’t think they’ve adjusted to me obtaining my learner’s permit quite yet…


I understand about what you all are saying, but I’ve had bad experiences in Beverly Hills/Bel Air, et al. Those neighborhoods are on hills, just waiting for the big one, and the roads are winding and steep. (San Franciscans will laugh, but I’ve never driven anywhere but California, and most of LA is flat.) I inevitably end up leading a convoy of Jaguars, honking and gesturing, when I’m going 5 miles over the speed limit, but they want to floor it. They have more horsepower than my POS, for one thing, plus they probably have more insurance, and most importantly, they’ve already made their million, and I still have a lot of living to do. I just pull over, but I still think they’re getting bent out of shape over nothing.

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Satan Said:

" I hate fuckers who do this in the fast lane. If you are driving the limit or less, STAY THE HELL OVER TO THE RIGHT! (Left for you Euro-Ropers). "

Errrrrm, actually the whol of Europe drives to the right just like the US. It’s only that annoying little island off our west coast that does things differently…

Then again, if I spotted Beelzebub in my rear view mirror, I’d move the hell over to any side the guy wanted me too :wink:


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Perhaps the Autobahn is what you need. Some sections of the Autobahn don’t have speed limits so you can imagine how fun it is! :slight_smile: Cops patrolling the Autobahn have Porsches. Nobody lingers in the left lane I can assure you! When you see a car coming down at 180 km/h, you get the hell out of their way. I loved the Autobahn. :smiley:

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I cannot stand slow people.

This is one of the few things in life that really pisses me off.

Satan said it: If you want to drive slow, get over to the right!

In fact, if you’re not going slow, and you’re in the fast lane, and you see someone coming up behind you, then [b/get over**. Passing on the right is dangerous as hell, and if you’re not in the middle of passing someone up, then get the FUCK over!!!

Ummm…I just got finished driving to work this morning. I need caffene…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Yeah - what he said.

On two lane highways, I can understand that when the highway reaches saturation, there isn’t always room for good lane discipline and both lanes become packed. But when the highway is a long ways from being saturated, it bugs me when two people drive side by side in the two lanes and both are blocking cars behind them. I always drive right and use the left lane only for passing slower traffic, and I try to never exactly match speed with any car travelling beside me.

I see this problem all the time because the highway SL where i live is 75 MPH. On some of the gentle rolling hills, many minivans and econoboxes cannot maintain 75, yet they insist on driving side by side at maybe 60 MPH up the hills - a half mile of clear road ahead, and a huge line of cars in both lanes behind them.

The other thing is: if I’m going, say 80 MPH, and come up on a car going 79 MPH, I do not do a “cruise control pass” that can take ages to complete. I’ll speed up temporarily by 5 or 10 MPH, get by the 79 MPH car in somewhat less than 3 weeks, and then move back over into the right lane and resume 80.

Oh, and while I’m venting: tailgaters bug me. If I’m stuck behind slower traffic, yes, I’d like to go faster too, but I can’t, so please don’t ride my bumper when you can see an endless stream of packed cars ahead. And if you’re driving a minivan or most normal sedans, my car can stop quite a lot faster than yours - being that close raises the accident risk quite a lot without any real benefit.

And one more thing: merging onto a 75 MPH highway at 40 MPH is unsafe. Even my little 2L wussomatic econobox car can hit 70 by the bottom of the ramp without thrashing it. It’s downhill for god’s sake. Merging in at 40 MPH causes all manner of dangerous evasive action by the other cars on the highway and often disrupts traffic flow for miles.

peas on earth

I gotta agree with the devilman here on this one. MOVE THE HELL OVER! I mean it says right there in the DMV manual… right under the section about picking your nose while driving… slower traffic keep right!. That means even if you are driving at the maximum speed limit… for those that don’t comprehend the english language! It goes on to say if you are on a one lane road and more than 2 cars are following behind, pull off the road and let them pass… Does anyone read these driving manuals or are they just token coffee table books for decoration!

OK enuf ranting for the day =)

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There’s a DMV manual?

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Wanna bet? :wink:

bantmof is exactly right. It all comes down to pulling your head out of your ass and paying attention to the cars around you. Hell, at least the nose pickers have visability…

Most interstate highways now have signs telling you to get the hell over. Yet these one-chromosome-missing morons still put along.

Makes me wish my car had a ram plate.

And while I’m here, how about the twits who come to a stop to make a left turn, even though they have their own turning lane!

And don’t get me started on slow, indecisive schmucks in the checkout/ticket/buffet lines…

Man, this thread is gonna get hijacked into the Pit any second now.< packing bags >

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Heh, news to me. Between this and my innocent question of, “Wait, which one is the gas again?” it’s not much of a surprise that Mum and Daddy hesitate to let me drive… I suppose I should get my hands on a manual and figure out what that large, red, octagonal sign means, among other things, before I go in for my test, huh.


I recall a couple of years ago driving on the interstate in a rural area when traffic all of a sudden both lanes slowed down to about 55-60 mph. Someone was in the right hand lane doing about 60 (the speed limit was 70, I think) exactly where they’re supposed to be if they’re moving a bit slower than the rest of us. Problem was, this person was a cop, and it seemed all the other drivers were too paranoid to pass him even if he was driving under the speed limit.

I drive 65 during daytime. My night vision is not the greatest, I go 50-55 at night. But on an interstate with a speed limit of 70 this can get to be dangerous even in the right lane. Last night I had to go to a place that was 10 miles away but that you could only get to by interstate. This was strange. There was an exit and some roads, but none of them connected very far.

I had an 80+ neighbor who used to drive 20 everywhere(she didn;'t go on the freeway!). My mum would ride with her,and people would drive by and give my mom a dirty look! I guess when you get older,you think the car is going faster than it is.

The poster beneath me is really smart!

Tailgaters should be taken out and shot. I have to suffer to many twits on single-lane roads who tailgate you then pull back 10 to 12 cars then pull up real close again for no apparent reason. Either their mind isn’t on their driving or they are major fuck-ups. I’d also be willing to bet that in an emergency situation, with these little geniuses behind the wheel who probably couldn’t pass even the most basic driving test, there could be a very serious accident in the making, an accident in which I would be a very unwilling participant.

BTW: Lanna, I like your style…and your profile. You should post more often :slight_smile:

Interstates have minimum speed limits. Has anyone on this board heard about or actually seen someone actually pulled over and given a ticket for breaking the slow limit?

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