Get out of my lane! The biggest road-rage triggers

They didn’t mention my pet peeve. I’m driving 67 or 68mph in a 65mph zone (single lane highway) and see a car on my bumper. Am I supposed to risk a ticket just to make the other guy happy? I hate being the slow poke on the highway when I’m *already *speeding.

Just in time for the Memorial Day rush.

Actually they did. It was second:

“A close second on the list? The tailgater, who seems to think that by riding 3 feet off the bumper of the car ahead of them, they’ll somehow get to their destination quicker. About 60 percent of the respondents listed that as a top road-rage trigger.”

Either that, pull off the highway entirely or vaporize into thin air. Nothing less will suffice.

67 in a 65 zone isn’t really speeding. But what I hate is when I’m in a twisty road I’ve never driven before and have people tailgating. Sorry, I’m not as used to the road as you are. I assume you pull over when possible to let them pass, right?

The thing that bugs me are divebombers. These are people who stay in the very left land until very close to the right exit they want to take, then think it is their right to push on through heavy traffic. Their lack of planning is not my problem.

It depends on the context. This obnoxious in a road with plenty of room or a single lane road. On the other hand it is normal behavior in bumper to bumper traffic moving at 15 miles per hour (my normal commute.) Leaving massive space in front you in this situation just makes the road less efficient and encourages random lane switchers, not to mention attempts by the poor saps caught behind them to get around.
In the right lane I don’t mind it - but these clowns are usually in left lanes.

I have gotten off the road before to get rid of a tailgater. Turn off at a store for a soda or at a gas station.

I wasn’t clear in my OP. I was referring to leading the “parade”. You look in the rear view mirror and there’s 4 cars stacked up behind you. Thankfully they aren’t tailgating. But I can tell they are looking for a chance to pass. It bugs me because I drive 3 or 4 miles over the speed limit just to avoid this problem.

Thank goodness they’ve added some short stretches of passing lanes on the highway to my mom’s house. It’s curvy and you’d see 8 or 10 impatient drivers stacked up behind some poor guy that was driving the speed limit. What they did was add a passing lane (about 5 miles long) to let the traffic safely pass. Then it goes back to a single lane highway.

I was recently pulled over and given a written warning for doing 66 in a 65 zone. The only reason I didn’t get a ticket was the officer believed me when I (truthfully) told him I had the cruise set at 65. He told me I should get my speedometer checked. All the speed limit signs in that area said “NO Tolerance” at the bottom.

How many lanes?

Well, its two lanes if you count the oncoming lane. :wink: But isn’t that called a single lane highway?

Single lane means single lane, I believe. As in a single lane bridge, where you have to wait your turn. So, if someone is tailgating me on a two lane road, I make it easy for him/her to pass. They might have good reason to be in a hurry. Or not. Regardless, I would rather have the speeders in front of me.

If you’re leading a parade, you’re the problem; doesn’t matter what your speed is relative to the limit. Pull over and let them pass when there’s a turnout.

This is ridiculous! ONE mph over?

This gave me read rage.

What annoys me is slightly different but related. I never had a word for it, but with “divebombers” I think I do now. It comes up most often in city driving. The people who really get to me are those that go through an intersection in a left turn only lane but go straight or a no turns from this lane lane and turn left. I believe that maneuver has the highest value of dangerousness * times witnessed of anything I’ve seen while driving. It’s also the thing that’s most likely to have me lay on the horn to attempt to communicate the stupidity of the other driver’s actions.

That’s hard to believe. I got pulled over for 59 in a 55 once but mostly the cop just wanted to chat me up about my sports car. Let me go with a “verbal warning.”

In California, if that number gets to five, you are required by law to pull over, when safe, to let them pass. I’m pretty sure there are other states with similar laws.

If you’re holding up a line of traffic on a single-lane road, you’re the one in the wrong.

Edit: From the California Vehicle Code:

If I know the road well, the wife is not with me, never found anyone that could stay with me. Not may supped up vets around here so mostly there is not that much difference in the cars / trucks.

I’m in a new place, looking for an address, the wife is along, active road construction, looking for good camera shots, just doing a Sunday drive, I am pulling over anytime I see a car that comes up behind me going much faster. When pulling a trailer, I pull over a lot.

I would rather have someone going 25 or 30 MPH slower than me than I would 5 MPH. The really slow are much easier & quicker to get around where there are not any places to legally to pass.


If I know the road well, I know when & where to look to know if the road is clear long before I get to a lot of the corners. Some I can’t of course but if you are looking and mentally timing things over the month & years, it is amazing what you can safely do.

Yes, the offence is Impeding Traffic. You are technically in the right if you are driving at the posted speed limit. The issue in court if you are cited will be the interpretation by the officer of “the normal flow of traffic” vs. the posted speed.

On the rural two lane roads that I drive in Oregon the posted speed is 55 mph, which almost no one drives at. The normal flow of traffic is about 65 to 67. Moseying down the road at the posted 55 will gain you the attention of the police, my local sheriff friends tell me.

I’ll be sure and tell the officer that I shouldn’t be ticketed doing 73 in a 65mph zone. :wink: Officer I didn’t want to impede the normal flow of traffic. I’m sure he’ll cry a few tears as he writes the ticket.

I don’t speed because I don’t want the insurance penalties. My last ticket was the late nineties. Rolling stop at a red light. Slowed down,looked both ways and ran on through. F’ing cop saw it and I was out $140. Thankfully my insurance didn’t hammer me with a massive rate increase. Since then I drive like there’s a cop in my front seat with me.

You’re acting like the only choice is to speed or to impede traffic. It’s really not that hard to pull over for the 15 seconds it takes for the other cars to pass you.

I do pull over if there’s a line of cars behind me. Heck, I set my cruise control three or four mph over the limit just to avoid this problem. I’ve been told 5 mph is the typical amount cops will overlook. Depends on how they are doing with their ticket quotas. They may grab you doing 7 mph over their if they need to meet their quota.

I hate getting behind grandma just as much as the next driver. You’ll never catch me driving 40mph in a 55mph zone.