Schedule for MTV's New Year's Eve special?

Tomorrow night, like many other networks, MTV is having a special New Year’s Eve show to welcome the new year. My favorite singer, Ke$ha, is scheduled to perform. The problem is that the show is being hosted by a couple of morons from Jersey Shore. I don’t know how much of this Jersey Shore shit I can endure, even if it means getting to see Kesha’s live performance. Does anybody know what the schedule for the show will be, so I can minimize the damage?

Ke$ha doesn’t seem to be an improvement over Snooki, but that’s just me. I have no concrete information but it appears that she’s the headliner so I would expect her to come on about a minutes after midnight.

My advice is to skip all of those shows and look for the clip on YouTube tomorrow morning.

Stay away from ABC too. That’s sure to be a weep-fest for Dick Clark.

Many towns have some sort of local celebration. Stay inside where it’s warm until 11pm then go downtown and see if you can get lucky.