Schiavo autopsy released

From CNN

I expect that the Schindler’s and various numbskulls on this message board will be apologizing to Mr. Schiavo forthwith.

My prediction is that if they comment on this at all it will be to state that her brain would not have been in such a state if therapy had continued the whole time. Culture of Life, and all that

Model, Beat me to it…


And let’s not overlook,

Don’t hold your breath. It’s a relief that they didn’t find that she could have possibly recovered but no surprise whatsoever. Even this isn’t going to satisfy the right to lifers.


They’ll just latch on to other bull shit by the ’ Culture of Life’ assholes and claim that Michael is still evil and Terri was murdered.

I saw a good chunk of the press conference. It seems that there’s still enough ambiguity on the initial cause of the collapse for the nutjobs to hurl conspiracy theories.

It’s interested that the ocular center of her brain was complete toast, making that whole “Following objects with her eyes” thing pretty impossible.

I’m glad she wasn’t abused (her husband taking a mistress made me very suspicious of him). But I still believe society should err on the side of preserving life when a person doesn’t make their wishes known in the myriad ways we have of doing so. Terri Schiavo, though, died fifteen years ago, so she wasn’t the best example.

Note: Mehitabel starts off with judgmental condemnation of Michael based on her take on his life. Then an apology for her spurious accusations is not forthcoming.

Let’s prepare for more of these half assed posts.


Yep, married men who have two children with other women are fine upstanding citizens. He didn’t divorce her because he wanted the settlement money. Deal with it.

Well like the cartoon kids say. ‘Being a smug, self-righteous, know-nothing judgemental prick means never having to say you’re sorry.’

You have a point. The way that I have chosen to make my wishes know is to inform the person with whom I have exchanged vows and with whom I live and share a life. It is really just a terrible, terrible tragedy that Ms. Schaivo did not do the same. Her poor family and indeed all of society might have been spared an ugly, ugly spectacle. :rolleyes:

He used the settlement money for her medical care. What an unfeeling bastard.

Huh? You idiot.

Just to play devil’s advocate here, you have to be careful about jumping to conclusions based on brain size alone. The CNN story doesn’t give much detail, and doctors are continually amazed at patients who suffer sever brain trauma and who do recover. There’s the famous case of the boy with just one half of his brain intact who functioned pretty normally. I’m not saying that TS would fall in that category necessarily (I doubt she would), but there simply isn’t enough detail in the CNN story to determine who was vindicated in this case.

Imagine you die. How long must your spouse remain alone before you believe he (?) may appropriately become involved romantically with someone else?

Does this change if a mad scientist hooks your corpse up to a machine that makes it gibber and twitch?

Terri was dead. Due to a macabre loophole in our legal system, her corpse was considered alive. Michael was morally a widower, even if legally he was not.

How about instead of my dealing with your lies, YOU deal with his stated reason for not divorcing her–namely, that doing so would have meant putting her into the custody of her parents, who admitted in court that they would be willing to amputate all her limbs one by one if that’s what it took to keep the torso breathing?

If you have evidence for thinking otherwise, six months ago was the time to present it. But I’m generous: I’ll give you till the end of the day.

If you can’t come up with evidence sufficiently strong to back your horrific accusation against Mr. Schiavo, well, I’ll know what to think.


Wow. Obviously bearing false witness isn’t a sin in your überhypocritical branch of Christianity.

Ignorance is winning…

And to think I wondered whether the pit was an appropriate place to open this thread.

Are you fucking insane? Have you learned not even the simple facts about this case? Facts which are not even up for debate? Or are you simply being willfully obtuse?

How do you know what religion I am? Or who I vote for? And the honest thing to do was to get a legal divorce. If he truly believed he was dead then how could it matter what her parents did to the corpse?

When your spouse dies, will you turn the body over to the neighborhood dogs to tear apart and feast on? Will you be okay with someone lopping off your spouse’s limbs, hooking the torso up to a machine, and sending enough juice through it to keep it twitching for years?

Maybe you’d be okay with that. Are you really that willing to condemn someone else for NOT wanting their spouse’s remains subjected to indignities?