Schindler's List (Sunday, 1/25/15)

American Hero’s Channel (AHC), the old Military channel, will be showing Schindler’s List this Sunday, Jan. 25th. It’s screens at 8PM EST.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s definitely a must see. If you have, then you certainly agree it’s well worth the time.

I’m not sure I could bring myself to watch it again.

I agree with QuickSilver. It was such a powerful movie that I don’t think I could bear to watch it again. But it is a must-see. IMHO Liam Neeson was cheated out of an Oscar for his performance.

Ben Kingsley didn’t even get a nomination (though Ralph Fiennes deservedly did). His is the real heart of the film. Curious about whether the film will be edited for content or not (not familiar with AHC). Understandable if they do, but the impact is diminished significantly.

Incredible film. I managed to watch it a few times.

Famously a great date movie, too.

I couldn’t even watch all the way through it the first time.

ABC didnt edit it when they aired it.

I’ve said I don’t want to ever see it again, but I might. Only if it’s not edited for content. And only if there are no commercials.

“American Heroes Channel” ? Fucking seriously ?

Anyway, Schindler’s List. That movie did something I don’t think I’ve ever seen replicated since : when people get shot, there’s no great show of gore or force. People are not thrown backwards theatrically. No screams, no huge deflagration either, just a dull thump and lifeless. One second they’re standing or kneeling, the next they’re crumpling like puppets with their strings cut off.
It’s absolutely terrifying to me.

You’d hate the Russian movie Chekist. That’s all that happens in it.

Did anybody catch this? The three of us (my wife, 13yo daughter, and myself) watched it last night. Sophie is going through a bit of an Anne Frank thing so we thought this would complement her latest interest.

Did you notice/know that at the end, visiting Schindlers grave, are the actors and the people they played?

I’m so glad they filmed that scene because most of those people are dead now, thankfully due to old age.

Thing which puts a lump in my throat about that scene is the statistic that (at the time of the filming) there were more descendants of the Schindlerjuden than Jews in Poland. Kind of nails down the scale of the tragedy, given that there were more than three million Jews pre-war.